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Is It Worth Paying For Unlimited Hosting For Your Website?

Know before you buy

Most of the hosting companies changes from $4 to $10 a month for unlimited hosting plans. Have you ever thought is it paying this charges. I would say “NO” unless you are using 20 GB of disk space or using 500GB bandwidth. Not all the websites need it. Almost 80% percent of websites are small informative websites built on wordpress consumes 1 to 5 GB space.

If you are a small entrepreneur or having a small business and you have a small website of 20 to 50 pages, using 10 to 20 email id’s and having few hundreds of daily visitors, you really don’t need these unlimited hosting plans for your small website.

There are several small and medium size of hosting companies offering shared hosting plans like 1GB to 10 GB storage space for small websites. The prices of these packages are around $10 to $40 per year so you can say from less than $1 to $3 per month.

Yes of course, as these companies are small and medium size company you might be doubt about their support and reliability that’s obvious. But it’s not like that. Most of these companies have dedicated support staff and are reliable perform well in the hosting industry. Even they provide more personalized support which big companies fail to do.

They are more careful and friendly with their clients because they have to manage only a few hundreds of clients so they maintain good relationships with them and they never want to lose them.

In conclusion, it is always the right choice to go with small companies for shared hosting plans for your small website rather than wasting big bucks on unlimited hosting plans.

HostPlax.com offers shared hosting plans for less than $1/ per month for a small website on cloud platform where performance and reliability is guaranteed.


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