Why You Should Start A Promising Career In Networking And Cloud Technologies?

2019-02-21by Charlie Brown

One of the career paths in IT, where the future looks brighter than ever and should be even more promising in the coming days is a career in networking and cloud technology. Experts in this field get designated as network engineers, cloud engineers, network and cloud engineers, and admins, etc. There are data scientists and developers and administrators and all types of jobs for those who are experts in cloud and networking in IT.

The scope of a networking and cloud computing expert

Networking and cloud computing both are connected and yet different. But studying this field helps work in both, and then you may get more experienced in them and enhance your knowledge. Networking is all about seamless connectivity within a range you decide, and enjoy communication within this range in a totally safe and secure environment so that your sensitive information stays safe and up to you. There are many different types of networks that are needed and developed and worked on in IT. As long as communication will have to be retained and used in this form, networking will be there and will grow stronger and more sophisticated with time.

Cloud computing is also similar to networking. The only difference is that in cloud computing, the requirement for high-end software and hardware are not there. Things can be set without that much costing, and data can be then dealt with in a much secure environment while keeping enough copies of it in the cloud which cannot be destroyed easily. Most importantly cloud-based data storage eliminates the need for local hardware-based data storage, thereby eliminating pressure and expectation on locally used devices, and shifting this weight to the cloud servers. More space can be freed from locally used machines in this way, which helps use the local resources with better performance and speed while data stays more secure from all aspects. That is why with such flexibility in the use of data, cloud computing is actually a revolutionary side of IT that is being explored more and more these days. The requirement for networking and cloud technology experts would get higher in IT in the coming days. The scope is very high in this field.

What does the industry say?

The industry of cloud computing and networking is growing at a freaking exponential rate. That is why the requirement of more and more experts in this field will arise in the coming days. There are jobs in this field everywhere. Cloud servers are built by almost every small and big mobile and laptop companies to lure more customers, because people have gotten smart now, and they know now the importance of using cloud space instead of jamming their own hard drives in their devices.

Hence, just with the emergence of another new mobile manufacturer or another new IT-based hardware maker, the need to develop another cloud server and space under their banner arises. And this makes them employ some networking and cloud technology experts too, thereby making them the network and cloud technologies career highly opportunistic. Moreover, every company who already have their widespread network and cloud services are working on things for further growth and development which demands more and more learned and up-to-date experts. And here comes the need for up-to-date certifications on the subject too.

How to start with it?

There is no way you can jump start with a career in networking and cloud technologies. You will have to build the path step by step. And the basic steps are gaining knowledge and certifications. For this, you will have to start by getting an IT degree. If you are still into academics, then you may pursue a degree in IT, and then after you complete it, you can get specialized in the field of networking and cloud computing. Some institutions offer certification courses on this, and courses of various difficulty levels. You can start with a beginner course, or may jump to an advanced or intermediate course when you have enough skills and knowledge from what you learned earlier.

Try to get into internship programs

Certifications prepare you to handle projects. And then you need some real-life experiences to start work. For this, you need to go through some internships. This prepares you with hands-on training as you work and learn. You must try to gather enough knowledge through such internship programs, and while you do this, do not look for the money but rather at the opportunity you are getting to learn. As you learn enough to handle tougher projects on your own with greater responsibilities, you would get position and money both in this field.


Networking and cloud technology is a booming field in IT which needs more updated experts. And your scope is going to be broader here in future.

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