5 Advantages Of Mobile Apps For Your Business

2019-02-04 by Alice Johnson

Is it time for your business to have its own app? Or are you still undecided? Check out 5 advantages of mobiles apps for your business.

More than 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. As these numbers grow every year businesses have to opportunity to reach and connect to their new and existing clients in unique ways. 

As long as they aren't ignoring the power of mobile app development. The advantages of mobile apps allow for a direct link to customers and customized marketing campaigns. 

Before you shy away from app development, make sure you know what you are missing: 

1. Mobile Branding 

Marketers spend a significant amount of time trying to get in front of existing and potential customers. Everything from Superbowl ads to interstate billboards is priced out because of the targeted audience. 

But screens are the new billboards. American's spend an average of 11 hours a day staring at screens. 

A mobile app allows your brand logo, or icon, to be there right in front of your customers every day. 

2. Push Notifications 

Businesses that are intimidated by app development are missing out on a direct channel to their clients. With push notifications embedded in your app, you can contact your clients at any time. 

Whether you need to notify a client about new products, site updates, value-added services, or other benefits, you'll always have a direct connection. 

3. Boosting User Experience

Push notifications are a direct channel to your clients but they also allow you to boost user experience. Whether you are anticipating the buying patterns of a customer or providing them greater access to your team, an app boosts their experience. 

For small businesses engaged in e-commerce, apps mean streamlined buying, product reviews, and customer support. But there are a variety of ways any business can use mobile apps to increase client retention. 

You can integrate a loyalty program, enable support and provide value-added relationship building beyond the capabilities of a website. 

4. Higher Functionality 

Integrated camera access, payment apps, barcode scanning, and other functions are only a sample of the higher functionality apps can offer. 

That higher functionality allows you to learn more about your customer and provides them with a better online experience. 

Any steps you can take to enhance functionality and make buying easier for your customers is a must. 

5. Tailored to A Single User

As user experience becomes more essential for companies and users, mobile apps offer a major advantage over websites alone. They can interact and tailor information to the exact needs of the user. 

While analytics helps this on a larger level, apps are more targeted. They combine the best of direct email campaigns with web experience. 

The Advantages of Mobile Apps and Marketing Integration 

Everything from brand recognition to the user experience is enhanced by creating mobile apps for your customers. But while there are benefits to designing mobile apps they are not meant to replace your website altogether. 

In fact, one of the advantages of mobile apps is the ability to boost SEO. Users will find your app on Google even if they haven't installed it yet. 

Make sure your app and your website work hand in hand. Learn more now about the features you need from your hosting provider.

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