5 Specialized Features You Need To Look For In Your Hosting Provider

Choosing a quality web hosting company should be a priority of every business. After all, the world is going digital. Unless you have a robust online presence, you are going to miss out on hundreds of potential customers and profits. Did you know that the US economy alone loses more than $500 million every year due to slow websites? Such websites reduce the conversion rates of customers by more than 7 percent!

Therefore, if you wish to survive in today’s digital landscape, you need a quality hosting provider. Not all hosting services are alike. You must carefully sift through the plethora of options to select the best provider possible.

Here are 5 specialized features you must look for in a hosting provider.

1. Website builder

One of the essential features a hosting provider should deliver is website builder tools. At the end of the day, the quality of your website matters a lot. A hosting provider that delivers a quality website builder will allow you to create a well-functioning website. Here are some of the characteristics that must be present in a website builder:

•    It must be easy to use. You should be able to create both simple and complicated websites using the builder

•    There should be ample tools that help in customizing your website as per your desires

•    The hosting service should provide you with support in case you wish to migrate to other hosting platforms

Some might say that you can get a website builder separately and you don’t necessarily need it as part of the hosting service. However, if this specialized feature is included in the plan, it would be much more cost-effective and convenient for you.

2.  Storage amount

The amount of data a web hosting can store has to be one of the most critical features of a hosting service. After all, if your chosen hosting provider is unable to offer you enough storage, you won’t be able to build your website effectively on it. Therefore, you must analyze your data storage needs and pick private cloud hosting companies that satisfy those needs.

As a rule of thumb, a few gigabytes tend to be ideal for small and medium-sized sites. Unless you have a massive site that requires a lot of storage, you shouldn’t opt for boundless options since they come at a cost.

Also, beware of hosting providers that claim to offer “unlimited storage.” In most cases, you will find in the fine print that it is only immeasurable to a given point. This might seem contradictory, but this is how most hosting providers work. So, know the limits of your hosting provider and your needs before saying yes to a given company.

3.  Tech suppor

You might not consider tech support to be a feature of a hosting platform. However, it surely is an integral factor when choosing a hosting provider. Why? To understand this, let’s paint a picture. Imagine that for some reason, your website crashes. Every passing second that your site is down, you are losing potential customers. You try to call the customer support of your hosting company only to find that they are not picking up!

To avoid such a nightmare from occurring, you must ensure that the tech support offered by the hosting company you choose is satisfactory. When searching for a viable provider, ask the following questions:

•    Is the customer support functional 24/7?

•    How long does it take for them to resolve a query?

•    In how many ways are they reachable?

•    How long is the process? Do you first have to go through automatic responses before you get to talk to a customer support representative?

The answers to these queries will govern whether or not a given hosting provider is equipped to deal with website crashes.

4.    Ecommerce tools

Now, this is a specific feature you only need if you are running an Ecommerce website. Even if you aren’t today, the chances are you would invest in an online store sooner or later. Why do we say so? This is because the business landscape is changing as we speak. Now, customers, whether they are B2B or B2C, wish for online solutions.

So, if you have an ecommerce website, or might potentially have one in the future, you must invest in a provider that delivers the required Ecommerce tools. The tools should include SSL certification, payment methods such as PayPal, and shopping cart software.

5.    Email features

What differentiates a personal email from a professional one? The domain name does. There is a reason why all big corporations have their names in the emails of their employees. This is a marketing tool that helps a company look more professional.

A hosting provider can deliver customized email ids to you as one of its features. While some might offer limited ids, other providers may deliver unlimited email IDs. Try to opt for the latter. This would help you create customized domain-based ids for all your employees.


Make sure your web hosting provider has these 5 essential features. Don’t say yes to just any company. Do your research and select the best one out there. After all, the strength of your online presence depends on it. Don’t underestimate the need for a fast and reliable website in today’s world!

Invest in the best hosting provider. Build a customized and relevant website for your brand. Once you do, you will be able to enjoy high conversion rates.

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