Techniques To Improve Your SEO Rankings In 2019

2019-01-25by swara s

All you know SEO is the slow and one of the main Digital marketing Strategy, that people followed for many years.
Here are the latest advanced SEO techniques that will help you get past your competitors more quickly in 2019.
Here the details:
1. Write long content.
In SEO content is the king — the main three components that help to improve the site rankings. Ie. Content, high authority, and Rank brain. In SEO Content is the main factor, so in 2019 I suggest you write high trustworthy content for the website, blog /article.
For a long time, SEO experts are concentrate on only quality content. But now in 2019, you can concentrate as well as the length of the material. In the study, SEO experts analyzed over one million searches. They found that the posts on the first-page search results, on average, were 1,800 words long.
So you need to concentrate both the quality and quantity of the content.
2."Bucket Bridge" Method

We already spoke about the 'content' in the above paragraph. We all know that Content is one of the main factors to rank our website well in Search engine. But do you think about how the content helps us to rank well?. Quality content helps us to improve our rankings. How we write the quality content?. Understand the keywords, that we need to promote and write the content based on the content. But we need to stick on the users for a long time in our web pages. How and what is the best practice to write the Content for our website?
The SEO maestro Brian Dean’s introduced the Bucket Bridge Method. Write the Content more Conversational mode and attract more and more people to your content.
Write conversational content
Using a call to action
Using LSI keywords
Using More relevant keywords in Content
Use attractive titles and subheadings etc.
Here the deal
3. Get Quality Backlinks

What do you mean by quality backlinks? High authority backlinks are called quality. It is one of the best practice to get top rankings.
It will increase the credibility of the website.
We can get high-quality backlinks from blogging, guest posting, articles, and bookmarking websites. Make sure the links are not spammy. Get more spammy links will affect the site (based on the Google algorithms).
4. Write RankBrain-Friendly Content

Improve the results; Google introduced rank brien algorithm. It is the machine algorithm. It helps Google to deliver more relevant results. Rank brian algorithms mainly focus on conversational Content.
So we can optimize the Rank brain-friendly content. Use medium tail keywords for improving click-through rates.
5.Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Mobile optimization is the main factor for rankings. Nowadays Everyone accesses the website through a mobile device. Google is mostly focusing on the user experience. So we need to design our website with responsive design and make sure the site is mobile friendly.
Google perceives that the majority of their users access by smartphones.  So, they introduced mobile-first indexing.

6. Analyze On - page factors of the website

We need to focus on - page factors the title, Headings, alt tags, meta descriptions, internal links, etc.
Write the Title and meta details based on the page content. Keywords should place on Title and heading. Write better headings. Heading should content the main keyword on that page.
7. Find competitors backlinks & Keywords

Do keyword research and list your Competitors. Find out their advantages and disadvantages. That means do the competitor analysis.
Find the backlinks & keywords of competitors and learn competitor strategies. You can easily understand where they get the backlinks. Using some tools like SEMrush, Ahref, etc. and improve your website rankings.
8.  Improve Your Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is an important metric that can impact your site's SEO colossally. Page loading speed is the primary ranking factor of the website. To improve your page loading speed, What are the elements affected the page loading speed ?. sometimes images or website themes or any other factors?. Using the page speed insight tool by Google, it can help you.
9. Understand Your Keyword well.

Before you write the keywords, you can understand the keywords that you want to promote. Using a keyword tool like keyword planner, KW finder, Moz keyword explorer to find more relevant keywords for your wite/ blogs. You can see the volume of the keywords through these tools. If you’re using the right keywords, you have a better chance of driving conversions as well as higher rankings.
10.Need to focus on what your audience wants?
You need to focus the audience requirements. Which platforms do they use the most? Ones you can get a better idea you can promote your business/services very quickly.
There are more than 200 factors affects the search engine rankings. I have placed some essential tips in 2019. Every SEO specialist wants to improve their website rankings and get more traffic. You need to you need to continually keep up with the latest trends in the world of SEO to stay ahead of your competition.
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