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The Perks Of Using Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) was launched in July 2002 with the aim of providing affordable ways to create quality websites and web applications. Since then, it has grown into a popular platform that now offers 70 different services.

As you will find in the infographic below created by the Hosting Tribunal, the platform provides diverse offerings and limitless possibilities. Before we go into how customers utilize AWS, let's consider first its resources.

AWS has an extensive global reach. It currently powers businesses in over 190 countries and is comprised of 55 availability zones across 18 geographic regions worldwide. It has more than 1 million active companies as customers.

In 2017, it raked in a walloping sum of $18 billion as revenue. Over the years, AWS partnered with other prominent companies for strategic business development. These include Reddit, Netflix, GoDaddy, Time Inc., Adobe, and tons of others.

By using AWS for web hosting, customers are bound to enjoy the connection with data centers worldwide, flexible pricing models, a broad range of CMSs, and development platform support. Companies particularly get to grow their virtual resources as needed.

AWS offers three major website solutions: simple, static, and enterprise web hosting.

  • The simple website hosting is adequate for:
  • Websites built on popular development stacks; e.g., LAMP, LEMP
  • Sites that are unlikely to scale beyond five servers
    • The static website hosting is perfect for:
    • Customers who do not want to manage infrastructure
    • Websites that do not contain server-side scripting like PHP
      • The enterprise website hosting, true to its name, is a prime choice for companies. It is most suitable for :
      • Websites that require sustained high CPU utilization
      • Sites that use multiple web servers across a minimum of two data centers

Famous companies like Time Inc. have employed AWS to reduce hosting costs. The company was able to save more than 75% on hosting costs for its UK brand websites.

An entertainment enterprise that specializes in games, 6waves, was able to successfully handle more than 50 million monthly players active on its games.

For more engaging facts on how Amazon Web Services are harnessed, check out the infographic below:

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