Managed WordPress Web Hosting And Whether It Is Worth For You?

2018-12-19by Charlie Brown

Your website is one the most valuable assets if you run a business, and if you own a WordPress site, it is essential to ensure that it is hosted securely, always up, and runs effectively. Managed WordPress hosting is one solution corporate largely rely on now. Even though it offers significant advantages, you should know that it also is not a cure it all solution. In this article, we will explore what managed to host is all about and when to choose it.


A few basics about hosting


In its simplest sense, hosting is an essential service one need to store data about your website to make it accessible online. Many companies provide hosting services, and deciding on whom to choose, and you have to understand various aspects of this service. Different companies put forth various customized solutions and packages. Some may cover the bare minimum in terms of storing the site pages at an accessible place, whereas some other packages may cover end-to-end needs like performance, security, and site maintenance everything.


The number of features you see on hosting plans; more likely it may be managed hosting services. If such specific plans are custom tailored for WordPress websites and optimized for SEO, we can call them managed WordPress hosting plans.


Managed hosting


Any package offered by hosting service providers nowadays are considered more or less to be managed services. Unlike olden times when the need was to host, web hosting has become much more complex and complicated nowadays. Anyone can create WordPress-based websites without any technical troubles, but not many out there have network or technology skills to administer activities like OS upgrades in their servers through SSH, etc.


This is where the hosts offer various levels of management, which is in the best interest of the website administrators who are not able to spend a significant amount of time for website management. The users need not have to control the low-level hosting. In simpler terms, managed hosting is serving dual purposes as to save your websites from your level of incompetence and also saving themselves from the myriad of support tickets users may otherwise raise.


This type of management can be called as server level management, and unless you specifically prefer the bare metal servers, one can see all incorporate features coming packed with managed hosting packages. Another type of managed hosting is also there which allows users to perform some higher-level tasks on the server like taking data backups. This is called application-level management. Features of application-level management typically include:


  • Server level caching
  • Automated site backups
  • WordPress updates
  • Migrations of websites.
  • Malware scanning
  • Quick creation of staging sites
  • On-demand WordPress backups etc.


Advantages of Managed Hosting


The general hosting service providers cannot really optimize their systems and servers to any specific web development platform as there is a need to run many various types of software on their systems. For providers, it is important to know how to write an rfp to get a hosting service. Along with WordPress sites, the same server may also be running a custom-made website built on Laravel or a Joomla site or a Node server, etc. So, there is no possibility to optimize for all these simultaneously.


However, in case of managed WordPress hosting, the servers will work exclusively for WordPress and is tailor-fitted for its unique requirements. This customization can be done at various levels from OS to the file systems and to command line tools to ensure optimum performance. A classic example of such optimization is the concept of website caching.


Another area in which managed WP hosting excels is security. It becomes easier to develop a system which is more secure if you exactly know what is running on it. By understanding the weak points of WordPress, you can better plan the hosting priorities in managed hosting. Hosts may know how WordPress reacts if someone is trying to log in with any incorrect entries. It is also possible to build some tools on the server which blocks any malicious attempts to intrude.


As a result of all these: Managed WordPress hosting ensures a secured, faster, and stable hosting environment. You can find a significant example of this line of technology as by seeing why your TV don't crash whereas your PC do so from time to time. Even the latest models of TVs have some computer components inside, and they are specifically used for one task. PCs are meant to support a wide range of operations, which make them prone to seize up unexpectedly.


Similarly, managed WordPress host systems only focus on a single system like WordPress, and this allows them to fine tune to the different strengths of WordPress and focus on the weaknesses of the platform to take necessary measures to provide optimum output.


Managed WordPress hosting features


Different providers offer different features. Some of the top features worth a mention are as below.


  • Automatic updates


Managed WordPress hosting takes automatic updates to the next level by applying some security fixes too. The providers will notify you well in advance about these updates to make sure that you get time to prepare. Using the latest version WordPress is usually enforced by the hosts, which makes your website optimally secure.


  • Manual and automated backups


With the increasing popularity of managed WordPress hosting, specialized hosts now compete to make the backup faster and more reliable. Having a managed host now make your regular backups easier and get your site restored without delay if there is a crash. Making your host take regular backups can also be used more effectively as your host is in a better position to understanding the latest structure of WordPress.


  • Better support


Managed hosting also offers better support than on-premise hosting; however, this may change from company to company. It is safe to trust managed hosting than a general host, who knows specifically about WordPress than any non-specialist hosting sites to support. Also, as WordPress is a single system, it is much easier to resolve problems as they show up.


Other benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting also include automatic WordPress setup, a staging environment, fine-tuned dashboard, better caching, etc. There are a few downsides also worth a mention in terms of managed WordPress hosting as lesser flexibility, hosting for WordPress only, heavier on the budget, etc.

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