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Benefits Of Animation And How To Use Explainer Videos In Your Business


Explainer videos just like any other video form rule the digital world today. Don’t just take my word for it – HubSpot reported in their state of video report for 2018 that 95% of people say they have watched a video explainer to learn about a product.

The same report claims that 81% of online buyers have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a brand’s video.

And an eye-popping 85% of people say they’d like to see more videos from brands they care about.

Fact is there are a slew of other studies in support of video as the preferred content form by internet users.

The bottom line is, your consumers love video and want you to serve them more of it.

Still not convinced or perhaps wondering how to create an explainer video for your products?

Here’s where Donker Media comes in. we will take your story and transform it into a clear, concise and engaging brand story that persuades your customers to take a desirable action.

But, why should you even consider an animation video for your business?

Build brand awareness and boost your recognition score

Do you know videos have over 1200% more shares than any other content form? And considering that 78% of online users watch videos every week and 55% say they view online videos every day (source).

That’s a lot of eyeballs you’d be missing if you’re not producing videos for your audience.

A solid, value-packed, and engaging video content sure sets the ground for going viral. Your audience is likely to share your content with their family and friends and on their social media networks; hence, spreading the word about your business.


Animated videos are cheaper to produce than other types of videos

On a shoe-tight budget? No problem.

Perhaps, you’re wary of making a substantial financial outlay to produce video contents? No problem.

Unlike live videos that require so many things in place like cast actors, production crew, scouting for locations, renting or purchasing shooting equipment, and more. And they often demand more money to boot.

You don’t need all that to produce animated videos for your brand.

It sticks to the brain and is super-engaging

The competition to gain an audience attention today is stiffer, and once you have their attention; you have to keep it.

Unfortunately, the attention span of online users is shorter than ever. You have merely 8 seconds to make an impression, or they turn their eyes to something more interesting.

Animated videos are memorable. They stand out regardless of where you post them.

The thing is, the human brain is hardwired to process an image 50,000 faster than a block of text; also able to remember easily something watched on a video than reading.

A unique feature of animated videos that make them super-memorable is that the lines are sharp and clear and there are plenty of well-marked contrasts. Also, they are stylized and suitable for any screen size.

Another positive of using an explainer video for your marketing campaigns is that even when it is static; it is quite eye-catchy, hence ensuring your click-through rates stay up.

Communicate in a simple; concise terms the benefits of your services

Truth is it can get quite frustrating trying to educate your audience about what you do, why you do it, and how it can benefit them.

Often, you may lack the simple words to tell your brand story. And as you well know, this leads to confusion and in extreme cases, loss of customer trusts.

An explainer video takes the hassle out for you; empowering you to showcase the awesomeness of your products and services in a neat, short video package.

Another draw to animated videos is the ability to use multiple modes of learning to engage a customer; take for instance:

An explainer video comprises the following: Appealing visuals that engage people that learn best with their eyes; text and figures for those that prefer reading; and audio for individuals that narration is their thing.

You see, with just one content, you’re able to engage at different levels with your audience.

What’s next?

It’s your turn now, time to put to work the benefits of explainer videos for your brand.

Here at Donker Media, we work with businesses of different sizes – one person business, startups, or big corporations. It doesn’t matter what you do or your niche. As long as you need an animation video, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to leverage the power of video marketing for your business; let us be your explainer video creation partner. Just use the contact us form to talk to one of our experts.

Donker Media is a company specialised in producing animated media. Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. For more information visit: https://donkermedia.nl/

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Donker Media is a company specialised in producing animated media. Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. For more information visit: https://donkermedia.nl/ View Animated Video`s profile for more

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