Domain Name Selection – What You Should Do To Get It Right The First Time?

2018-11-13by Charlie Brown

A domain name is not a website address, but much more and business owners have to be very careful in choosing the name for websites that becomes an identity of the business. Domain names have close links to brand identity, and you must choose a name that becomes easily brandable so that people can remember and recall it quickly. When you are brainstorming domain name ideas, you should consider several factors.

The name must be brandable

Since the domain name not only a URL name but precisely represents your business and becomes its face it should have qualities of becoming a brand. The name must be simple yet novel, and it should be so much unique and attractive that memorizing becomes a breeze. The name should resonate well in mind on reading it for the first time and connect with people instantly by sounding very natural. Do not choose a complicated name and avoid using signs and symbols in it. A great example of the brandable domain name is coca-colacompany.com.

Keep it short

For the sake of simplicity and memorability, keep the domain name short but avoid making it too short because it will then act oppositely. In trying to keep the name short avoid using abbreviation because it can become difficult to relate to the business which would adversely impact the branding prospects. There must be a balance between the length of the name and what it relates to, and you must not truncate the name in a way that it becomes mangled.

Easy to pronounce

The domain names that we remember very well are the ones that are easily pronounceable because the easier it is to pronounce a name faster is the processing time by the brain. Easy to pronounce names get etched in mind almost instantly and remain in memory practically forever. People remember those names for a long time which are easy to pronounce, and it also generates positive associations. Never choose names for domains that are hard to pronounce.

Make it intuitive

As the domain name becomes the face of your business, it is implied that it should also give viewers an idea about your business. The name must be so much intuitive that it enables viewers to quickly visualize the business it represents like what you find with ‘pizza hut'. The moment potential customers see the name they can easily guess that it is about pizza business.  Moreover, intuitiveness has a direct relation to memorability because the sooner people can relate the name to the business the name it becomes easier to remember.

Maintain distinct identity

The name should have a distinct identity so that there are no chances of people confusing it with some other names or brands. This is also very important to avoid legal hassles that may arise from trademark infringement. Before finalizing the domain name check that it is free from possible trademark infringement.

Knowing the dos and dont’s should help to select the most appropriate domain name that upholds the brand and business. 

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