Data Center Trends In 2018.

2018-10-17 by Priti Shetti

In today tech world top trends are shaping the enterprise data center. Business leaders and IT professionals will be forced to think of new solutions and concepts around data center architecture differently when it is about data center to run optimally and create competitive advantages.

As we rush through 2018, upcoming trends in technology are giving a new look to data center technology. The boosting popularity of cloud hosting storage and IoT devices made data center to be highly adaptive.

Hybrid infrastructure: Hybrid infrastructure refers to a composed of a combination of on-premises data center, public clouds or private clouds. Enterprise application and systems can be placed on this environment with reference to the strategic business requirement. Egg. An organization wants to save costs by shifting the maximum business process to the cloud or a hybrid cloud infrastructure. An organization might want to implement a cloud-based solution due to the rapidly growing workforce which will be presented by data housed in legacy systems. Enterprise Today have an integration strategy that unites applications and system placed anywhere; on-premises, in a private cloud, a hybrid cloud infrastructure, or in a public cloud. Hybrid cloud infrastructure or in public cloud. Hybrid integration can bring any on premises, B2B partners, SaaS applications, B2C (customers engagement), BYOD and the information generated by this systems.

The edge data center

Edge computing refers to a distribution of IT architecture in which customer’s data is processed at the outskirts of a network. Edge data center stores edge computing devices at the network fringe. This enables providers to process data to their t clients as closely as possible allowing faster processing speeds, decreasing response times and efficiently using network resources. Edge computing devices are fruitfully decentralized extensions of a network, which help in reducing latency and network bottlenecks, delivering customers with a enhance experience and reducing vendor traffic cost.

The edge data center market has gained many global corporations who are providers of human resources, business process modules, and customer management. This led the promotion of largest global data center providers to grow and expand into a niche market. More companies would be shifting to edge data center as companies look to provide their client with the fastest response time.


DCIM solutions have become important to data center management. The excellent growth of large-scale data centers that are generally located between many major markets has aroused most businesses to operate off-premise data centers. DCIM software eliminates the requirement for employees to be onsite, as they can be able to obtain precise, real-time information with a mouse click. A vigorous DCIM instrument that is appropriately designed for disturbing and correspondences is principal to successfully dealing with a data center.

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