How To Convince Clients To Embrace Cloud Accounting?

2018-10-15 by Lunna Walker

The conversation that involves persuading clients into adopting cloud technology often turns into advocating its benefits, which most accountants are not keen on doing. Although cloud accounting in the future of the industry, it gets difficult to sway traditional clients into its lucrative advantages and ease-of-use. Long-established clients are set in their ways and can get skeptical about how safe it is to use technology in day-to-day accounting activities.

Cloud allows collaboration on a real-time basis that enhances productivity, saves time, and is cost-effective. But getting your clients on board can be tricky. One major pointer that can clear your route to induction of cloud technology is cash. Showing them how cloud hosting solution can be cost-effective is sure to make them think about it in a positive light.

Below is a guide that includes 5 tips to help you sell cloud accounting to clients.

1. Lesser Cost

It is a known fact that using cloud hosting services reduces a considerable amount of expenditure on technical equipment, data security, and software licenses. Also, it eliminates the need of technical staff that maintains the equipment. Moving to the cloud is a lot cheaper, and convenient.

2. More Profits

A recent report by Rackspace has found out in a survey that cloud technology has streamlined their work processes and largely helped them increase their profits. Over 50 percent of the companies that participated in the survey have said that their company has grown with the induction of cloud, while their business principle remains the same.

3. Save Time

Time waits for no one. Anything that reduces efforts and time is worth giving a shot. According to a report, accounting officials have saved an average of 10 hours per month by using cloud-based QuickBooks over traditional methods. That is more than one whole working day. Business owners are definitely going to be intrigued by this fact.

4. Save More Time and Money

The importance of time cannot be understated. Automation of various small tasks by using sophisticated software and team collaboration in real-time on updated numbers is a huge advantage. The advanced application also automates cash flow forecasting on up-to-date numbers which are essential for making critical decisions.

5. Many More Benefits

Cloud accounting is more secure than on-premise solutions. It also offers data backup and a 24/7 support of skilled engineers by the cloud vendor that will reduce your work stress. There are plenty more advantages to using cloud hosting solutions.

Although these tips will help you convince your clients, one pointer still remains a major factor: money. Businesses are always looking for solutions that use less amount of cash. Make this your major player and use real reports as your support. Don’t just limit yourself there. Add increase of business efficiency and productivity as a major role player. Also, survey about their competitors and give them the news on how they are adopting cloud and reaping serious benefits. Business owners will be compelled to give cloud accounting a try.

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