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Choosing The Best Web Hosting Service For Your Social Networking Site
2018-10-12 by  Phil Abraham


A social media website simply cannot become successful if it lacks reliable web hosting services at its very base. It is all about how you can maximize traffic and engagement on your website. If your readers can share the articles they like with their friends and comment on them and interact with one another too, think of what wonders it’ll do for you.

Though keep in mind, all of this comes at a cost. The web hosting platform you choose for your social networking website must have the ability to offer stability, storage and speed. Every developer out there knows that the biggest problem they face while creating a social media platform is always hardware related. We won’t lie and tell you that choosing a web hosting platform is easy, because it is not. Unless you can create your very own web hosting platform, odds are you need to invest some time in finding one appropriate for you online.

There are a few factors you might want to consider when you are looking for a web hosting service for your social media website.

Pay Close Attention to the Database

If you are interested in multi-tier software development then know that it is not possible unless you have a high quality database. Any hiccups that may hinder software development will make an appearance during either the stress testing stage, development or during the growth stage. However, all of these will take their origin in the database first. They will then proceed onto the RAM and have long lasting hardware problems.

However, if you have a high-quality database and you hire a database admin to supervise everything, you may have these hiccups under control. The thing that social media users prefer the most out there is speed and responsiveness. If your social media website cannot offer such conveniences, then there is no hope of your business being successful. All of this is entirely dependent on the kind of database you choose.

Are You Overbuilding and Overdelivering?

The first thing you look into with regards to web hosting is location, bandwidth, storage and hardware. For one simple reason only; that these factors are the foundation that make for good web hosting. Since social media sites have a tendency of growing very rapidly, you need to gear up and look for a web hosting that is going to be able to handle future growth. This doesn’t mean that your server needs to be able to handle millions off guests per week. What we simply mean is that you don’t want to get caught in the middle of classic revenue in the face of bandwidth drama.

Conduct Tests

If you find yourself lost between a sea of options, we suggest you take to testing web hosting services to see which one is the ideal option for you. Figure out which data centers offer you the most burst and traffic support as it is key for future growth of your website. if budget is not of any issue to you, you should create a failsafe system that can take a hit during high traffic hours or during high latency intervals online.

Location Matters

Though you may not think this is an important factor but the distance between your site and your network hardware can make or break your social media site. We recommend that you reduce this distance as much as you can. The bigger the distance, the more unresponsive your network will be. The smallest of delays will make your customers switch to a better and more responsive website which is negative for your business.


Once you have figured out the hardware, database and networking problems, consider yourself way ahead of the curve. By simply solving these problems, you have found a web hosting service that beats 90 percent of your competition in the market. Your resources should be of the utmost value to you. While we recommend that you should spend on your hardware, we don’t want you spending more than you can afford.

You will need to have resources at the ready if you are to win the battle of the best social media platform out there and if the past has been proof of anything, it is that battle is hard to win! A reliable web hosting is going to be just another tool in your utility belt to get you where you need to be.


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