5 SEO Strategies That You Should Try In 2019

2018-10-11 by Adelina Benson

When it comes to online marketing, SEO plays a big role. It’s the source of organic traffic and one of the most important things for any website. It’s also very complicated.

It helps Google Bots crawl your site and classify you as worthy of high ranking.

While this all seems simple enough, SEO experts are in constant debate over what affects the search engine results the most. Is it keywords? Backlinks? Social media? Or something else?

Google recently added more updates to their algorithm and several SEO professionals have concluded that there are five dominant trends for 2019.


Mobile first

With the new updates to the algorithm came changes that some website owners really don’t like. Google announced that in the future, mobile first index will be one of the most important things when it comes to ranking. This is a logical step considering the amount of users currently using their mobile devices for googling.

Google offers a tool to check your mobile friendliness and Adwords will also be able to tell if your site is mobile friendly or not. However, webmasters with an unresponsive website will still be able to index their desktop sites.

But, they can expect a slip in rankings.


Voice search

As more people started using mobile devices as their main googling tools, voice search became more popular. With the hummingbird update, Google took into account the context of the queries and made it better.

Digital assistants are becoming more and more intelligent and voice queries are simpler to make. You can speak about 150 words in a minute and write only 40. Humans are also a lot better in getting their request across to the search engine through the spoken than written language.

“Voice search is the next big thing with assistants improving with each day. It’s simple, effective and it works,” says Linda Somers, a SEO content writer from WriteMyX.


Augmented reality and VR

Augmented reality and VR are becoming more and more important in online marketing. Companies can provide superb experience for their customers by using these and it can also improve SEO.

The new technologies may not change the way we conduct searching but they will certainly change the way Google understands these features.

In the future, Google will favor the sites which offer this kind of content.


Quality Content

Quality content is certainly the best strategy when it comes to SEO. Google is able to recognize this through backlinks, social shares and so on.

This should definitely be on the top of your lists when creating - it’s crucial in succeeding.

Google, besides from being able to recognize good content through various elements, can also figure out if your content is of poor quality. To create great content, use services like AcademicBrits and 1Day2Write.


UX importance increase

UX is already a big deal in online marketing but it’s set out to become an even bigger one in the future. Users are in the center of all online marketing efforts and websites are trying more and more to make their experience on their site enjoyable.


Hop on these SEO trends

These have been just some of the SEO trends for the upcoming year. Websites will have to work harder than ever to stay at the top but this will result in more quality content and better business results. Hopefully, some of these trends will work in your favor and improve your results.

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