Mobile And Cloud Triggers Innovation

2018-09-20by Kelvin Smith

Mobile cloud is gaining importance with the adoption of cloud. Since a large percentage of users are using mobile phones for accessing information, mobile cloud proves to be a sage choice for business investment. With mobile cloud, you can easily stand differentiated by targeting the weaknesses of your competitors.

Connected Technologies

Cloud computing and mobile devices are two important components of computing’s third platform. Both the components are improving and growing hand in hand. Cloud has enhanced the delivery of data and ultra-fast storage which has greatly improved the opportunities with phones, tablets and e-readers. The use of cloud hosting has increased due to the need for mobile friendly technology.

Mobile and Cloud Triggers Innovation

As these two are integrally connected, they make digital life more fluid and adaptable both for consumers and companies.  But, if complete impact of mobile and cloud is to be considered, it is necessary to think in terms of what more can be achieved if these technologies are embraced to a great extent rather than thinking in terms of raw technology. The third platform is crucial which stops organisations form being outperformed by competitors. Organisations still have doubts to completely adopt mobile devices. However, they should on the other hand facilitate broader implementation of mobile devices among individuals within the organisation. Another important thing is to make sure that the cloud service provider deploys the most advanced infrastructure with the infrastructure.

Why Choose Mobile Cloud?

Mobile helps to develop the brand and create revenue for the company. But, while deploying the mobile cloud, it is important to know whether it is worth it. There are ways in which you can check the return on investment. One way is the return on revenue per individual that’s mobile enabled compared to those who are not. Another way is checking the return on the base assets that the organisation has. You should also consider the assets in association with those of other enterprises in the same sector.

Mobile Cloud Is Not About Savings but About ROI

Never think cloud or mobile as an expense. A lot of organisations still continue to commit the mistake of showing IT on the expense side. Rather, it should be shown on the revenue side as it is an organisational weapon.



It has been witnessed that more innovative companies tend to be the market leaders and earn a much better return on their assets. The incumbent organisations have huge assets and a large bureaucracy of employees. Moreover, enterprises have to monitor and keep in control of the internal hardware and networks which is deployed on premise. Cutting edge organisations don’t have huge amounts of personnel and equipment. Such organisations weigh themselves in analytics and distribution. They develop ways which help to expect the needs of customers in more proactive ways.


Deploying Mobile Cloud for more Business

Businesses should be made mobile friendly not only to boost the productivity of employees but also to leverage tools to develop a competitive advantage and to increase the customer base. New technologies should be viewed in terms of a portfolio. The portfolio consists of cloud, mobility, security advances, internet of things (IoT), big data, analytics etc.

Having this portfolio helps the organisation to analyze the top companies in the market and plan for a strong and powerful attack.

To be precise, the mobile cloud plus other technologies gives speed, agility and power for building organisation both internally and externally.

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