The Top Five Reasons You Should Invest In Local SEO In 2018

2018-09-14 by Charlie Brown

The owner of every small and local business wants to be visible to their niche group of buyers. Depending on the type of products and services, your company likely caters to an exclusively local crowd. Or, you serve the demands of a buyer group irrespective of location. For example – a plumbing service will probably cater to the local citizens only. However, a well-known fashion label may entertain a non-local crowd as well. Depending on the nature of your business you will need to pick up your local SEO strategies.

The SEO agency you pick should have an idea about the needs of your paying customers. Therefore, it is always smarter to go with a company that is local. It should also have the experience and the talent necessary to cater to your business’ SEO needs. It is 2018, and it is impossible to survive in the digital world without a robust search engine optimization game. Local SEO has the potential to make your business more visible to a select set of customers if you manage to leverage it correctly

Here are the five reasons you should consider local SEO

i.  You don’t feel loved by Google anymore

After the scores of different updates and algorithm changes, Google has usurped the marketing plan and SEO strategies of several businesses. Many local companies that were enjoying high organic traffic are now at the bottom of the SRL. They were neither anticipating it nor preparing for it. Hence, several businesses that were once popular are now facing an existential crisis. Local SEO optimization is your chance to become relevant to your local customer base once again. Visit Premiere Position to find out how it can help you resuscitate your sales.


You might wonder what it means for your business. Well, if you are an HVAC cleaning operation in Santa Monica, you need to show up every time a local user searches for "HVAC cleaning Santa Monica" or "HVAC maintenance in Santa Monica." HVAC cleaning in Santa Monica shows over 4.5 million hits on Google. You need smart and advanced SEO options to make to the first SERP. Over 93% of the Google users do not scroll past the top 10 results, and that is where you need to be.


ii.  Why you should pick a local digital marketing agency

After the recent updates from Google, it is understandable if people are not visiting your online store and brick-and-mortar store as much as they used to before. You are not losing the love. You are slipping down the ranks due to a few changes in the search algorithm.

The local SEO expert you choose can check the website’s code, your current stand in the market, evaluate your organic traffic and find out every repair your site needs. Search engine optimization is a multi-faceted and ongoing process. Without a touch of expertise, you might find it challenging to meet the visibility goals. Good SEO agencies always know the keywords, key phrases, blog topics and link building options that can land you in the local 3-pack of the search engine giant.


iii. You need to work for the “near me” searches

Thanks to the rise of voice assistants and several other Google apps, the “near me” searches have become incredibly prominent. Let us consider this situation. A couple of college grads are taking a road trip across California. It is late, and they want to check into a motel with a bar for the night. What do they do? One of them pulls out their mobile phones, and asks Siri, "Find a motel with a bar near me."


Unless your website content already has several key-phrases containing “near me” and multiple local-optimization strategies, it will be difficult for your company to rank high for similar searches. In the last two years, related searches have grown by a whopping 150%. It is true for almost all brick and mortar stores that want to cater to a local crowd exclusively. The primary aim of any SEO strategy should be to keep your presence relevant on the web. Restaurants, bars, motels, retail stores and repair shops need to ensure that people find them when they use a search engine to look for the nearest businesses. That is what local SEO experts do. They increase the relevance of your web presence so that the target users can find you.


iv.  It’s time to revamp your SEO

Optimization needs for small businesses and large corporations keep changing with the evolving algorithm of Google. SEO is an on-going process. It is never enough to work on a strategy and then leave it for a year or so. You need to check that all your backlinks are active and your keyword research is still relevant. Whether it is a dormant email marketing campaign, a paid advertising campaign or an old keyword optimization project, your new SEO experts should be able to revitalize them for the current digital marketing trends.


Digital marketing has several faces. Social, paid, and search engine marketing is integral parts that you need to consider before swearing off any forms of digital marketing strategies. Re-optimizing your existing marketing strategies can increase your revenue and boost your traffic with little expense.


v.   SEO is not expensive

As we have stated before, search engine optimization does not have to be costly. Sometimes, you need to spend as little as a hundred dollars for setting up a new marketing strategy for your business. The cost of revamping an existing business marketing strategy is almost negligible.


Local SEO strategies sound expensive, but a talented group of experienced experts can make it happen on a shoe-string budget. These plans are highly customizable, and that makes them suitable for almost all business types, in all localities.

Investing a little in local optimization techniques can bring your company big returns. You must remember that SEO is not a destination, but a journey. Finding the right team of experts is the only challenge you need to face during this trip.

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