All You Need To Know About Managed Dedicated Servers And Their Levels Of Management

2018-09-13by Andrew Stevenson

Dedicated servers are simply owned by the hosting company and leased to the user through an agreement between both parties. Managed dedicated server slightly differ with the dedicated servers because they are managed and maintained by the hosting provider rather than the clients who purchase them.

This management comes in many different levels but must be agreed upon before the onset of the agreement.  This is to allow the company knows what it is being provided within its hosting package. Fully managed dedicated server are given almost an overall management leaving the client no task in managing or maintaining the servers.

The management of this kind of hosting may include:

  • Securing your site – Security in this area includes spam filtering, virus scanning, firewall configuration, system updates as well as carrying out data center security measures.  Any computer network for any kind of business is critical to secure as it carries personal data that could be prone to hackers. Managed servers understand this too well and will not compromise your security.

  • Server monitoring – Any irregularities and failures can be quickly detected and rectified before they cost your business any losses.

  • Server configuration and maintenance - Fully managed dedicated server offers expertise to your company that ensures your hosting solution is configured to meet your requirements.  They also perform the essential server maintenance that helps keep your platform running smoothly.

  • Backup and storage – Data is of great value to a company and the managed servers understand that too well.  To ensure all your data is secured away from the online predators, they have both physical and technical abilities put in place to ensure that every data is backed up and stored appropriately.

  • Overall support – The most promising features of the managed dedicated server is the availability of help if there ever is an issue.  You are assured of qualified support that is always on time to sort out any issue that could cost your business in terms of time and money.

Having learned that there are management and maintenance offered, we can also look into the benefits of using this kind of hosting for your kind of business.

  • Overall reduced cost of operation – We all know those businesses that have set up a fully-fledged IT department in their office and how much they have to part with t get it working and to get their business out there.  Imagine having to do away with all these unnecessary costs and let someone else do all your dirty work for just a few dollars every month.  Isn’t that what everyone would love to do? The wise are doing it, will you?

  • The Focus on running your business – When you have fewer things to worry about in business, then you can focus on making it profitable and growing it faster.  This is the atmosphere created by the Managed servers that allow you the focus on primarily the most important things in your business without any interruption.
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