Should You Be Migrating The Accounts Of Your Small Business To The Cloud?

2018-08-17 by Lunna Walker

Most businesses have already adopted the cloud approach to store data and access software applications. But many are still skeptical on how safe is it to post your sensitive financial data on a server that is owned and maintained by someone else on a distinct location.

The virtual nature of the cloud adds to its appeal, and global access contributes to its versatile behaviour. For managing the finances of your business, accounting data can be hosted on QuickBooks in the cloud, making the process and its technicalities much simpler.

While we have no issues in conducting banking activities over the internet, it is important to understand that similar security concerns arise in locally hosted systems as in cloud hosted ones. The difference is, in the case of local servers, you are responsible for ensuring the security of your data. Unless your systems have no internet connectivity, a danger of being hacked is constant.

Let us go through a few reasons why your small business should host its accounting data in the cloud.

1. Time is money, and cloud offers great savings of your time and money with its benefits. The managing director of a leading content marketing agency, says that his company saves around two days of work time every month in raising invoices and chasing payments with cloud services.

Another business owner agrees, saying her cloud hosted QuickBooks converts estimates to invoices in one click and reconciles cash flow by linking to her bank account, leaving her with more time for work. Thus, the streamlined process collectively saves a significant amount of time at the year end, which ultimately means saving money.

2. The platform and the hosted application is extremely user-friendly, flexibility and compatibility. That said, it does not negate the need of a loyal accounting expert for your business, but it does mean automation of your process. You can research about the reputations and offers of various hosting providers online and choose one for your company accordingly.

Confirm with your chosen hosting provider for compatibility with your local operating system. With your QuickBooks in the cloud, you get more out of the application which eventually helps with business growth. Also, you can always increase or decrease the amount of resources you need according to your requirements.

3. The monthly subscription with your hosting provider entitles you todedicated backup of your data and round-the-clock support by experts. In case of data loss by any means, your files are safe in cloud server and can be restored at your command. Hosting providers have their team of technical experts that are available for support whenever you need it.

4. The competitive market of cloud hosting providers allows you to choose from a range of packages according to services and price range. Also, you can opt for a free trial to try the services before you buy a subscription.

5. Last but not the least, freedom of access is the most crucial benefit of cloud technology. You can access your QuickBooks from anywhere, at any time, and through any device, which is a huge plus point for a small business owner.

Once you are satisfied with the security of cloud servers, the above-mentioned benefits take your experience of cloud-hosted QuickBooks to another level. It has proven to be a huge help and a significant time saver for a lot of businesses, and small businesses in the growing stage need it the most.

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