Top 5 Blessings Of Cloud Technology For Small Businesses

2018-08-01by jack martin

Technological evolution has allowed businesses to broaden their market, boost their growth, and achieve more with less investment. By capitalizing on the technological evolution, businesses are now able to gain a competitive advantage in the market without going through a cumbersome and lengthy process. Although there are many technological gifts which businesses have got, one of the most advantageous and fruitful ones is the cloud.

With the help of the cloud technology, businesses are now able to streamline their work. We can now say that the cloud computing has now become a new normal for most of the businesses and almost 80% of businesses in the US are using the cloud technology in one form or another.

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Among all size and type of businesses, SMEs are the one

who have been benefited the most by the cloud technology. During the early phase of the cloud technology, it was considered very costly and suitable only for large-scale businesses. But with the improvement in cloud and elimination of the myth regarding its price and uses, cloud technology becomes an important part of small businesses.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at how you can streamline your small business through the various advantages offered by the cloud technology.

Get global access

Being out of the office in this era of watertight competition is not a solution as your customers expect you to be available 24/7 and you can easily fulfill this expectation of customers through the cloud technology. By hosting your software on the cloud or using the cloud storage, you get access to your data and software from anywhere and at any time. So it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting at your home or relaxing on a beach, your company’s data and software will not be more than a click away from you.

Better collaboration

There are many parts of a business where employees need to send a file back and forth for editing. This process consumes a lot of time, reduces teamwork and increases chances of data duplicacy. But with the help of the cloud, your employees will be able to work on the same file, at the same time and with real-time updates. For example, if you are using QuickBooks cloud hosting then through its multi-user access feature, many users can work on the same file, regardless of their location. So with the cloud technology, you will be able to enhance the collaboration and teamwork in your firm.

Bank level security

With the increasing number of data breaches and cyber crimes, the security of your data becomes a matter of prime importance. The cloud solution offers you 360 degree secured platform where you can work without worrying about the safety of your important business data. The highly secure environment on the cloud is offered through Encrypted files, completely secured data centers, safety measures on both virtual and physical levels, etc. So if you have the cloud with you, then hackers and other evil-minded people will never get their hands on your data.

Economical solution

One of the main hurdles for small businesses while choosing a solution is the budget crunch. Small businesses have a very limited amount of budget and they need to manage all the business proceedings in that much budget only. But the cloud hosting solution is an economical option as it eliminates the need of physical hardware and in-house space as well. So, you can easily opt for a cloud solution without burning a hole in your pocket.

Disaster recovery

Catastrophes are inevitable for anybody and businesses are no exception to it. You might be gaining profits, expanding your business with satisfied employees, and suddenly a disaster can hit your business and ruin everything for you.

Yes, it’s true that disasters can’t be avoided, but can be prepared for it through various ways and one such way is through the cloud. Through the cloud solution you can create the daily backup for your data so that even if a disaster hits your business, you still will be able to recover your data and come back on the track of your business without any delay or hassle.

So, if you are running a small business and still not availing the benefits of the cloud technology, then it’s high time to migrate to this advantageous and fruitful technology in order to gain competitive advantage and boost your growth.

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