Top 4 Benefits Of Using SSD Hosting For An ECommerce Business

2018-07-27 by Boris Dzhingarov

Once you’ve decided you’re going to proceed with your aspirations of launching an eCommerce store, obtaining an optimal and affordable hosting plan should be a primary concern. Although some stores choose to operate solely on third-party selling platforms like Amazon and eBay, building your own site on your own domain within a hosting panel that you control is the best way to ensure long-term continuity of your online business. When it comes time to buy your hosting plan, consider the following reasons why SSD hosting may be the best option for a new eCommerce business:

1. Your Store’s Pages Will Load Faster

Nowadays, the majority of site visitors in developed nations have access to internet speeds of 4G or higher, so we’ve become accustomed to responsive web browsing. A site that’s hosted on a server with Solid State Drive (SSD) technology typically has access to stronger computing power and more bandwidth than a site that relies on a conventional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) web hosting plan. Since SSD hosting relies on flash storage rather than moving mechanical parts, the servers are capable of operating at much faster speeds.

2. You Can Offer a More Reliable Service

SSD servers are also considerably more reliable than their HDD counterparts, which means your site will have a much lower chance of experiencing downtime or other issues related to server performance. If you plan on conducting a high volume of daily transactions, even a small amount of downtime can lead to decreased sales and a loss in revenue. SSD hosting ensures that your site is supported by the latest and greatest industry-standard technology.

3.  Your Site Has Enhanced Security

With an SSD plan for eCommerce, you have the comfort of knowing that your site is protected by a generous allocation of security protocols and resources. Common security features included with an SSD hosting subscription typically include SSL certificates, built-in DDoS protection, and a comprehensive control panel that can be used in conjunction with third-party security apps and services. In fact, every plan comes with a dedicated amount of bandwidth specifically for protection against cyber-attacks.

4.  It’s the Most Cost-Effective Option

Due to the way sites are stored on a shared server via partitions, SSD plans are extremely scalable in size and price, ranging from as little $1 per month to larger plans that cost $10-$20+. This model of starting small and scaling as necessary is ideal for an eCommerce startup because most stores won’t need an excessive amount of hosting power initially.

5.  Good Hosting Doesn’t Have to be Expensive Any More

Not too long ago, there were lots of so-called gurus claiming that large eCommerce sites require access to a dedicated server to run efficiently. Although dedicated and managed hosting plans remain the most expensive and robust available, SSD servers have made the lower-end plans plenty sufficient for the vast majority of burgeoning eCommerce stores. Anyone with experience in selling products and services online will tell you that it’s not wise to overinvest before testing the waters to assess your actual business needs, so starting with a smaller SSD plan makes the most sense.

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