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5 Essential "Must-Haves" For Your Cloud Strategy!
2018-07-09 by  Lunna Walker


Cloud has become an integral part of the global business environment. Seeing the benefits that the modern technology provides, the demand to integrate cloud into accounting process of businesses is on the rise. With popular accounting applications like QuickBooks with all its versions being hosted on the cloud and its positive reviews, those who were skeptical before are ready to embrace it now.QuickBooks Premier Cloud Hosting is a smart way to enjoy both features of the software and the cloud.

Even though cloud is ‘the thing’ right now, only 3% of the enterprises have an optimized cloud strategy. This figure shows how new businesses are developing better strategies and availing optimum benefits of the cloud. IDC classifies enterprizes by maturity of cloud adoption from ad-hoc (beginner level) to optimized (mature level). The organizations with optimized level are getting the most out of cloud technology. In a recent InfoBrief by Cisco, it has been found that SMEs who use cloud technology have more probability of growing their revenue by at least 10%.

Every business is moving forward on their own path towards growth. But to make your journey from ad-hoc to optimized, below are just a few imperative factors needed for a complete cloud strategy.

1. Attention on Business Outcomes

Cloud computing is seen as an important part of digital transformation of a business. This is a step forward when you recognize that cloud adoption can increase your business value significantly. Focussing on the yielding results, cloud maturity can improve growth in revenue, calculated budget allocation, reduce work time and increase productivity.

2. Building a Solid Foundation

A crucial step into a successful cloud adoption in the enterprise is building a strong network connection. QuickBooks Premier Hosting Services allows multiple users to access cloud simultaneously. The user may be at any location, and surf in on any device, a network that is ready for cloud computing means reliability and security along with a great user experience.

3. Making it Secure

Security is of prime concern when dealing with sensitive data. While adopting cloud technology, be sure of the security measures taken by your hosting provider to minimize threat. A strong, consistent and secure environment that spans across multi-cloud is of utmost importance.

4. Going Hybrid

Around 73% of organizations are opting for hybrid cloud technology which uses a mix of public and private clouds for executing their tasks. Businesses on mature level of cloud adoption expect options from multiple cloud providers based on location and policies. Customers relate with Hybrid cloud service to meet their unique business requirements.

5. Flexibility

One of the most important benefits of cloud technology, it allows every organization to embrace cloud according to their needs. QuickBooks Desktop Premier Hosting lets the user explore their options and choose their resources accordingly. Giving customers the flexibility to support their short term and long term goals is what makes cloud a lucrative deal.

The right combination of Strategizing and Cloud can help you make the most out of your QuickBooks Hosting Services. Businesses that lack strategy may find themselves in a fix while trying to compete with their rivals.

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