What Is The Difference Between Shared Hosting And VPS?

2018-07-04 by Sachin Agarwal

What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS?

When there is an option to choose between two different hosting services, there are various kinds of thoughts that may run through one’s mind. Firstly, shared hosting services are like any other sharing services where a single plan is shared among many individual websites. It’ll be cheap but will have many restrictions. VPS hosting services or Virtual Private Server hosting services is like a more premium option, where one has to pay more to get better facilities and customization abilities, along with better performance.

Following are some of the main differences between these two hosting services.

Resources for the Server

Shared hosting services will have a certain amount of resources available, which will have a maximum limit, beyond which one cannot use the resources.

VPS as provided by various VPS hosting India services, offer much greater resources to work with and will come in handy when the website will expand in the future.

Overall Performance

If one has managed web hosting services in the past, that person will know that in Shared hosting, other websites on the shared package could affect the performance of one’s website.

VPS, on the other hand, will allow for greater bandwidth and more flexibility to work with, thus managing increased performance.

Overall Security of the Website

Shared hosting services obviously will have lesser security features and may face security breaches.

VPS, on the other hand, provides so much better security features, is much more secure and can contain all personal data without any problems.

Service Pricing

If one is going for Linux shared web hosting services, one should keep in mind the prices. Shared hosting will share the total cost among all the other websites that are shared within the plan, thus the prices will be less.

VPS will cost a whole lot more, as one is getting more features and performance out of it. It’s definitely a more premium option.

Administration of the Server

Shared hosting needs no such maintenance from a technical standpoint. One enjoys basic server administration at no additional cost, and there’s no dedicated system administrator needed.

VPS is comparatively more complex and thus require a more specific system administrator.


Shared hosting services are a great option for the short term, but not for the long term. When in the future if the website tries to expand, there will be a lot of hurdles faced on the way.

VPS though is a long-term solution and will face no scalability issues in the future when the website will try to expand.


Therefore, these differences will ultimately help in the deciding factor for choosing one of these services. Definitely, it can be easily seen that VPS has more advantages than Shared hosting, and thus it can be a wiser choice to spend the extra and go for VPS if one has the budget to do so.

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