5 Reasons Why You Need Both In-House And Cloud Server

2018-06-22 by Tech Social

You have that new startup and you are on the starting to plan on every detail that will have your startup up and running. Maybe you may have the business aspect in your plan all covered but when it comes to computer infrastructure, you are stuck. I know a startup does not have enough money to hire a professional in computer infrastructure and you may need to carry out some decisions on your own. That is why you have probably resorted to doing research on your own and trying to decide what types of servers, you need.

There are two types of servers basing on their location. We have in-house servers and cloud based servers. In-house servers are the types of servers that you own by having your own computers and installing server software in this case is UNIX. On the other hand, cloud based servers are simply servers that are owned by other companies and rent out their storage to firms at a cost. The more storage you have is the more money you buy.

In this article, in this article, I am going to show five reasons you why you need to have both servers for your business. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages so if you want to cover for the cons of the other, you need to have both. Having both is an expensive venture because you need to buy spare computer parts and pay for your cloud-based quota at the same time.

Here are the five reasons why you need both in-house and cloud based servers.

For Security Reasons

This is a major concern in the world of information technology. There are hundreds of thousands of cybercriminal attacks daily. Cybercriminals are everywhere targeting firms and corporations for that quick money. So much information on the internet has enabled so many people to acquire top-notch computer skills and hacking nowadays can be perpetrated by high schools teens. I know that no firm wants their data out there but it eventually happens.

Your cloud-based servers are targets for these cybercriminals. Therefore, it is always advisable to have two types of servers at your disposal so that in case any of the two is attacked, you will always have your data available for your operations. Imagine your data being breached and your business was booming with your customers in need and your data is stolen. Being offline is not an option for any business.

For Urgency Reasons

Sometimes your in-house servers can crash due to technical reasons or software problems. Computers cannot be reliable all through. A small malfunction in the system and all your operations may be jeopardized. It happens with cloud-based servers. They may be experiencing some problems. It is uncommon for these cloud-based servers to have performance issues so having your own servers just in case that happens is a very advisable thing to do. If your servers are not up and running, the problem is on you since your clients need to see you online and this is the only way you can run your business after all.

When You Are In Need for More Traffic Coverage

The main aim for your start-up or business is to have more users or customers, as this is what makes your business more profit. Having more customers translates to more traffic. Whether you are an online store or a news websites, you will need more storage. I know some people may be wondering why this is so but actually when usage of a website goes up, it means more storage should be available to cater for the additional visitors or users.

Having a combination of both types is the perfect solution since having as additional cloud based quota will be more expensive and so is buying new computers. This will then help you manage your traffic inflow.

When You Require More Speed but You Need To Protect Your Data

Cloud based servers have better speed compared with in-house servers. When you want to have better server speeds, it does not mean that you need to get rid of your in-house infrastructure, as there is crucial information, which should not pass through a cloud company’s logs. You should therefore resort to have both options to serve you the option of speed and store your business crucial information with you.

Balancing Your Budget

As we have seen, having both in-house and cloud based solutions is aimed at helping you reduce security reasons but at the same time reduce your spending. Having both is a bargain at the end of the day although the startup cost is somehow expensive. If your business is a startup, you might see this option as an expensive venture but as goes by, it will help cap your storage costs significantly.

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