When Someone Says “free Unlimited Hosting” Here’s What You Should Think

2018-06-14by Sujain Thomas

Making mistakes is the only way to learn about your ways of success. However, small businesses as well as start-ups do not have a lot of leeway for making the wrong moves. Website designs, security options, and hosting requirements play significant roles in the future of a new business. Knowing about your options as well as the technology requirements before you pick your website hosting provider will help you make the right choices. Aside from the uncountable points of advice from other business owners, self-styled experts as well as the hosting agencies, you will need robust know how of the hosting technologies to be able to avoid critical mistakes.

Should you opt for free hosting?

Free hosting services are excellent for small community blogs and hobby sites. Small businesses looking to establish a web front need more than the perks free hosting providers offer. These services come with pop-up ads, banners as well as a good share of downtime. Excellent website hosting is almost a myth except for the rare breed of free website hosting you may find on credible review sites. Following the review about InMotion hosting can help you find out all you need to know about the services you can expect from a stellar hosting.

Experts will always advise you to avoid the free hosting services since they do not provide enough uptime, speed, and resources a competitive business website requires today. Additionally, if the service fails to meet market standards or simply disappears altogether, you cannot expect compensation since you have not paid for their services. Free databases or database maintenance can be distant dreams for the users of most free hosting service clients. Your credibility might face questions due to the structure of your website domain name. No matter how cheap your hosting package is, choose a domain that is fully customizable.

It is 2018, and you get exactly what you have paid for, and sometimes even lesser than you had expected. Therefore, you cannot choose a free hosting option and expect to get complete security, database and speed package like the high end private hosting companies offer.

Does your potential hosting provider offer refunds?

Several hosting companies do not offer refunds. This is generally true about started packs of paid hosting companies as well. It is smarter to work with a company that promises money-back guarantees in the event of connection failure or the inability on the part of the company to provide the right services. Additionally, some companies offer 100% money back if their client moves from one package to another, due to insufficient resources on the previous package. Always check if your hosting provider has such amenities for their clients. This is also the mark of good marketing and customer service that you should always look for.

Should you opt for a service based on its prices alone?

You may want to believe that all website hosting services are the same but buying on the basis of price alone can cost you regarding quality. Best private hosting services that you may find online can cost significantly more than the shared hosting services. However, it is easy to see why. Private hosting offers exclusive resources to each client, and they also commit to 99.98% uptime in most cases. More importantly, they attend to client complaints and concerns about database maintenance, security and updates almost instantly. Going for more expensive options can help you cut out the unscrupulous companies by default.

Since hosting has become a commodity, several companies are now offering promotional prices and special offers to win over customers. While choosing one of these plans, find out all you can about the company. Sometimes, special offers are applicable for special hosting packages that offer limited services only. Yes, a cheap package can be perfectly adequate for a company depending on their unique needs. For example – small blogging communities can make do with a limited package, but a larger company will need more than unlimited hosting to satiate their customer needs.

While picking out a price based package, look for the actual cost. What you see on the advert is the monthly price that does not include the VAT. In many cases, additional services will cost you more, and the advertisements do not include the discounts you may get for long term rental plans. However, if you are a first timer, it is smarter to opt for monthly services that you can discontinue in case the resources are unsatisfactory.

What are the limitations of an “unlimited” package?

Coming across unlimited packages can seem to be too good to be true, and that is because they are. Even the best “unlimited” packages have a few limitations. There are limits to the bandwidth and the storage. You will find restrictions regarding website storage space. These are necessary for hosting companies to ensure smooth operations and equal distribution of resources for each client. This is especially true for hosts that rent out shared resources. This includes the bandwidth, hard drive maintenance and electricity costs.

Which hosting option is the right choice for your site?

Always ask your potential hosting providers about the resource distribution, additional charges, uptime, speed, and database maintenance. There are two main types of hosting services you can choose from – VPS and shared hosting. Your choice will depend upon your website’s need. High traffic demands VPS or dedicated hosting. In fact, if you have a small site that has the potential to grow in the future, you need a hosting service that is flexible and scalable. Switching hosting options is much easier than spending unnecessarily on private or dedicated hosting.

High traffic, e-commerce websites often require managed hosting services. These are expensive, but the all in one solution for sites that are catering to a huge crowd and that is growing fast. Check your website KPIs, traffic inflow rate and monthly ROI to find out if your current hosting plan is good enough.

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