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5 Resources For JavaScript Developers


Javascript (JS) is one of the most widely used and beloved programming languages in history. This can be attributed to its fairly light learning curve and impressive functionality. Designed Brendan Eich in 1995, the language has seen steady gains in use for over 20 years.


JS itself is a high-level and weakly typed language which boils down to meant that it is powerful and less prone to errors than other coding languages. It achieved early success and is not integrated on both the client side and server side.


Most applications and OSs come pre-built with JS development capability. It has become ubiquitous in the web development market and continues to be the strongest and most popular web language out there.


Here are 5 resources for JavaScript developers:


1. Codecademy

Codeacademy is one of the most invaluable resources a programmer can have. It offers tutorials and lessons on hundreds of topics and provides copious amounts of examples to bolster your programming skills. JS has its own page at Codecademy filled with lessons and coding tests to hone your skills and promote better learning. If there is anything you should use to kick off your JS career it's Codecademy.


2. Codewars

If there is anything that can hone your programming know-how in real life situations its Codewars. This handy website has weekly challenges for you to conquer in JS submitted by real people. It puts JS developers in the hotseat and allows them to deal with situations that they may find in real life work environments.


It also challenges the knowledge of experienced programmers and enhances their practical skills Troubleshooting assistance is another big help for programmers just starting out as it helps identify the small mistakes that can prevent compiling code.


3. MDN

The Mozilla Developer Network is a remarkable resource for all JS programmers as it continually updates with the best practices for coding. It has a gargantuan community and is constantly evolving to fit the needs of newer applications.


For developers, it provides unique and incredibly detailed documentation on everything from developing for traditional web to mobile web development. The MDN Web Docs has no equal when programming JavaScript as it guides you from beginner to expert effortlessly it seems.



4. Libraries

Now this is where JavaScript really comes into its own as a powerful platform and highly functional language. For everything from GUI to to form applications JS has a library for it.


The most popular library is JQuery which is a DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation framework designed to make all parts of a webpage customizable. JQuery, like the other libraries, seeks to simplify syntax and provide greater readability across the platform. This makes JS an incredibly customizable language that makes coding easier without losing the functionality of the language.


5. Code-Alongs

One of the most underutilized tools in the programming field, code-alongs make coding much easier than trying to teach yourself from a book or learn from a lecture. In them a programmer will code live and share his/her thought process as they do certain things.


This especially helps new developers who stare at a screen and can’t figure why that goes there. For experienced developers, it can offer an insight to different strategies that they might not know otherwise. Regardless code-alongs are incredible tools made by individuals for the sole purpose of fostering a love for programming.



Programming jobs today usually require a knowledge of various languages but almost always JavaScript is a requirement. Its usefulness both personally and professionally make it one of the must learn languages for all coders hoping to make a living. To make life a little easier, and JS a little stronger, there are many resources that can be utilized. Here are the best resources for JavaScript developers:


JavaScript is an incredible programming language entirely deserving of its recognition. It is also a necessary tool for programmers of all styles and philosophies. To that end the resources are abound for JS and should be used to their fullest. The true usefulness of JavaScript is its amazing community and incredibly involved developers that make JS the programmers dream. If there is any language you should learn now its JavaScript.

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