11 Essential Reasons Why You Should Be Using JQuery

2018-05-09by Sujain Thomas

jQuery has been a great blessing to all web developers, both newbies and experienced. This a JavaScript library that simplifies programming using JavaScript by providing simple and very easy-to-use condensed syntax. Using jQuery provides web designers with an excellent deal of power and flexibility. This web design technique simplifies and standardizes the interactions between JavaScript code and HTML elements. Here are a few benefits of this important technique.

1.  Highly extensible

The primary jQuery library has been created to be kept tight and focused and this eliminates all non-essential features. However, there is a plugin framework that is available to make it easy for developers to extend jQuery. Programmers can make use of official jQuery plugins and thousands of other third-party plugins. This means that your business website will only download the necessary features that it needs. In case you need additional features that are not included, then you can download them online.

2.   Pages load faster

Google and other search engines use page loading time as an important factor that affects search engine optimization. Therefore, web developers must ensure that their code is light and as concise as possible. jQuery files are normally stored separately from the webpages. This enables developers to make any modifications to the whole website with the use of a single centralized repository instead of searching through countless folder structures.

3.   Beautiful and clean syntax

jQuery uses clean, simple, and powerful syntax that makes it easy to select the DOM elements on the website page. When developing websites, you will need to learn how to separate your scripts from your page presentation code. Because of how jQuery is created, it is easy for you to hook elements and even attach code to webpages that are similar to CSS. Your final markup will be separate from the scripting code whenever you use this web design technique.

4.    It is popular

jQuery is very popular with programmers and website developers because of its ease of use and simplicity. You can easily get lots of information and resources about jQuery on the internet. With this web development technique, you will never lack resources and you will find whatever you require and have all your questions answered when working this popular language.

5.   Encourages simplicity

Most website developers usually find jQuery to be lean and easy because the library has been built using shorter and simpler code. With the simple syntax and open coding, web designers can easily shorten the time that is needed to deploy a website or application. When using jQuery, programmers do not have to be experts in their field for them to come up with excellent websites styles. Web developers who have done testing and coding of CSS files will appreciate how easy jQuery implementation is.

6.  Mean and lightweight

To ensure that jQuery library remains lightweight and lean, most functions have been eliminated, while others have been transferred to the plugin section. If you need any of the omitted features, you can easily add them to your business website as plugins. This lean library helps to keep the coding at a limited level and saves on bandwidth to ensure faster loading. The main jQuery library is just 24kb and is smaller than most photographs on the webpages. For excellent web design and SEO services, consider omegaseo.co.

7.   Cross-browser compatibility

Another important characteristic benefit of using jQuery is the fact that it can handle lots of cross-browser bugs and problems that are experienced while programming with JavaScript. Handling cross-browser issues in web development can be quite a challenging experience. This is because you may find web design elements working perfectly in one browser and breaking down completely in another browser. The jQuery library deals with most of these cross-browser issues. This means that you will develop a website that can work properly in all browser types and versions and this saves you a lot of trouble.

8.   Utility features

jQuery provides lots of utility functions that assist in coding string iteration, array manipulation, trimming, and other features. These functions help in providing a seamless assimilation between jQuery and JavaScript. With these key utility features, the entire coding process will be easier and hassle-free. Website developers need to learn jQuery because with the comprehensive tutorials and documentation, they can create excellent websites regardless of whether they are experts or beginners in this field.

9.  jQuery mobile effects are better

jQuery is undeniably a newly developed computer program and comes with better adaptability for mobile versions when compared to flash program. Most mobile operating systems are not compatible with the flash created animations. However, with jQuery, the animations created are seamlessly supported by all browsers and mobile operating systems. Most mobile devices have limited resources and may not be compatible with technologies that take up multiple resources, and this is why most mobile devices will support animations created in jQuery over those created using Flash.

10.  jQuery has tremendous SEO benefits

One of the key reasons why Flash is rejected by the users and search engines alike is because if a browser is not Flash-enabled, then any Flash-based graphics will not load. On the other hand, jQuery elements will still render even when JavaScript is disabled. This means that you can still display your animations while being SEO-friendly. Furthermore, the faster loading pages of jQuery will help to boost your website rankings even further. There are also lots of plugins that you can use to optimize your jQuery website for SEO, for example, tags on on-page elements, Meta descriptions, and proper titles.

11.  It is open source

jQuery has its own open source community that gives users lots of crucial advantages. This website design technique is free to use and you will not have to spend cash on costly licenses whenever you want to incorporate it into your website. Whenever you encounter any complicated issues, the community will be there to help you come up with a viable solution. There are also countless plugins available to help you customize your programming experience and get whatever you need to keep your website up and running effectively.

JQuery website development technique has now become a highly recommended program by top search engines and browsers in the information and technology world. jQuery is a simple, fast, and easy-to-use tool that will enable you to code better websites without the need for years of upfront investment.

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