Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Mobile App Marketing

2018-05-03 by Juned Ghanchi

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a buzzword, it is now being implemented practically. However, it continues to show up its innovative edge. It is being predicted that AI will revolutionize not only the mobile industry but also the marketing of mobile apps in the coming years. AI uses machine learning to analyse data and differentiate into true or false facts based on the truth tables and calculations they do. This provides a more mature approach to decisions in all domains including marketing of mobile apps. Thus, the strategy of mobile app marketers should adopt the vast potential of AI to reason out user behaviour automatically, predict the buying behaviour, make recommendations to their users by taking into account the data of their previous purchases and making the content of the app engaging. Mobile app advertisers are now understanding the immense potential and need of AI in mobile app marketing and deploying it to achieve the best results. Here is how AI will revolutionize the mobile app marketing business.

Mobile app marketers can deploy the automated reasoning ability of AI

AI has empowered apps to reason on their own by behaving intelligently. The combination of AI and machine learning can enable generation of apps that have ‘human-like’ ability to judge themselves, without any human intervention. Automated reasoning uses computer science and mathematical logic to understand different aspects of reasoning. This is the most powerful element of AI as it helps the user to achieve their goal in a much easy and quick way. Thus, programming the apps using AI, helps the app analyse the actions of the users while they use the app and provide them with super quick decisions based on analysis of a number of factors.

This gives the user a more customized and personalized experience rather than the standard ‘one size fits all’ solution. For example, for making the customers reach their destination quickly, the taxi app is using AI that takes known traffic congestion and time of the day into consideration for suggesting the best possible route the driver should follow to reach the destination quickly. For making this decision, the app uses the data of past trips and similar routes from other taxi drivers to derive an intelligent solution.

Mobile app marketers can use AI for learning purchasing behaviours of customers

Mobile app marketers need to upsell their app after gaining a genuine number of downloads for the growth of any app company as it is difficult, time-consuming, and costly to acquire new users. So, marketers need to target specific customers in a particular way based on informed and cautious decisions about the customers purchasing behaviours, rather than just bombarding emails, push notifications, and in-app messages to the entire database of customers to irritate them an3d make them uninstall your app. Due to the large volume of data available it is difficult to decide manually who, what, and when to sell to the users. However, using AI eases this task for marketers by taking a fraction of the time to process and analyse this data and provide information about the behaviour of app users that distinguishes them into ‘hot leads’ and those who aren’t. Targeted suggestions about specific products and services and the best time to push-out AI-powered systems can also decide these notifications for specific customers.

Mobile app marketers can use AI to provide personalized purchase recommendations to users

With advances in technology, users are expecting more personalized services. To meet user’s expectations and to keep them engaged, you need to beat your competitors by using AI to apply a learning algorithm for monitoring the choices of your users while using your app and to learn about their likes and dislikes. You can then use this information to keep the users engaged with your app by making relevant recommendations. Users these days prefer using anything that saves them time and effort while adding value to their life. Thus, marketers should use AI to enhance user experience and send push notifications based on these calculated recommendations.

Mobile app marketers can add engaging content to their app using AI

One of the main reasons for the high uninstall rate of apps observed within 90 days from the initial download is the failure of these apps to provide fresh, relevant, and engaging content to the users. Your app should not seem like a content cookbook to the users, instead, it should contain some spicy content as per the taste of the users. For coming up with this content, you need to fetch AI based research data about your users and add elements of personalization using machine learning.

As the first five sessions of a new user with your app are crucial in deciding whether or not they will continue using it, AI works in the background and learns their behaviour, to make each session more valuable than the previous one. User retention and engagement can be considerably increased with this. So, mobile app marketers should use AI to remove the guesswork and gain the confidence of delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel.

Wrapping up
Mobile app developers in India are using some algorithms and methodologies in machine learning to solve every problem with a mature approach, and this includes the marketing of mobile apps also. The above article justifies that AI is having a significant impact on the mobile app marketing and improve mobile app marketing, taking it to a new level.

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