7 Advantages Of Fully Managed Dedicated Server Over Cloud Servers

2018-04-02by Andrew Stevenson

Hosting services have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of the websites. Apart from designing the website, focus on finding the perfect hosting company. With a variety of hosting, making the right choice is cumbersome. However, the dedicated server seems to stand out from the rest. Listed below are its advantages when compared to cloud computing.
When solving issues affecting server performance, transparency is very important. The fully managed dedicated server is very transparent. Apparently, the IT experts can easily detect the issue and resolve it. That is easy since the issue will have emanated from a specific user. Transparency in the cloud is limited. Since many people share the cloud. Identifying performance problems is tougher.
Better performance
When using the disk IO, dedicated servers are the best. That is because dedicated server users never share any resource. The cloud system makes using disk IO unpredictable. Apparently, the cloud hosts numerous users. The entire server will be on the brink of slowing down when a single user sends bulky requests to the server. That affects other users. The cloud offers more storage capacity with no speed.
There are people claiming the cloud is highly redundant. That is a misconception of people that do not understand how cloud works. A single node of the cloud performs is better than a single dedicated server. However, redundancy in the cloud is caused by lack of transparency and added complexities. That reduces its reliability compared to dedicated managed WordPress hosting servers.
Despite the benefits of the cloud, it is complex. Most people cannot understand the cloud. For instance, the cloud infrastructure has unnecessary layers of complexity. That is common on a cloud with AWS. The AWS does not automatically make your IP address bound to every EC2. The dedicated server does not have such complexities. Hence, using it is extremely easy.
The cloud users face a risk of being locked in their services. That is possible once you start seeking their complex services. That is risky if the host increases the cost of the services or changes support. You will have no option but to painfully abide by those changes. The fully managed dedicated server does not lock-in its users. Hence, its users have the aptitude of outsourcing services from other vendors.  
The cloud is expensive when compared to dedicated servers. There is a fallacy stating that cloud is perfect for small businesses. The argument is based on its cost-effectiveness. After considering the technical requirements for great performance, you will realize dedicated server is the best. It performs better than cloud. It works well with large numbers and higher currencies.
One of the points used to market cloud is scalability. That is true since it can scale the resources. However, your vital applications might not be ready to scale. That clearly signifies that you will still be stuck. The dedicated managed WordPress hosting is highly scalable. That is the reason why it is a better alternative. 

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