5 Reasons Why Most Businesses Are Trusting Cloud Web Hosting

2017-12-08 by Jiya Mehta

When cloud hosting service providers entered into the market, little did we know about the impact they would have on businesses. Their entry was complemented by high speed internet providers which pulled the plug on bulky and costly hardware and software services for good. This made business heads around the world to go back to their drawing boards and re-think their strategies of achieving a more profitable PnL.To put it in a nutshell, the introduction of cloud web hosting refreshed the way businesses think. Let us dig deeper into the whys of cloud hosting’s popularity in the enterprise circles.

It is great for the overall performance of the company

Cloud hosting deployment has enabled faster loading pages and ease of collaboration for businesses. This is because its deployment enables high level of network up-time and minimizes single point failures. This in-turn affects the churn rate of work per day and also gives employees flexibility when it comes to work. A higher churn- rate over a period of time affects the revenue generation and growth of that organization. Moreover, cloud web hosting also enables companies to test their new products or services in a market and get feedback from their customers without incurring huge costs.

It hardly affects your cost sheet

Cost cutting is good news for any organization. Cloud web hosting has happily taken away that load (literally) by doing away with operational expenditure. It has allowed businesses to pay a measly amount as a service charge and strike off an entire bunch of license fees. Moreover, cloud technology has eliminated the practice of fixed monthly installments in payment and business can now focus more on annual expenditures than the former.

Its backup & disaster recovery is great

One of the best features of cloud web hosting is the fact that they have a great backup and disaster recovery feature. Business days are of essence and the nature of the danger a business faces in terms of disaster could range from being geographical to technical. In case a business is located in a disaster prone area, deploying cloud web hosting is an ideal solution. Because, the data on this web hosting is backed up automatically in their interconnected servers. This is one of the prime reasons enterprises have turned their heads towards cloud web hosting.

It is scalable and secure

Cloud web hosting is not location sensitive. Which is why deploying it anywhere is easy. When businesses are moving to different countries or cities, it is imperative that their data moves safe and secure along with them. Cloud web hosting has empowered ambitious and expanding businesses to move seamlessly in search of opportunities. It has also ensured safety of their customer’s identities, their own data and the data of other clients with encryption and firewall solutions. Also, the flexibility they provide in terms of addition or subtraction of storage data as per requirement is an added benefit.

It provides ease of access

Businesses and their employees are connected more or less throughout the day. Which is why, accessing files and data is of essence. Cloud web hosting has made it possible for all kinds of businesses and enterprises to stay connected hassle free. Most of all it has changed the way certain industries function. Especially travel and tourism where the employees need to stay in touch from various locations and fetch data as per their will.

The inclusion of cloud web hosting has made the way business function easier. One such entity that has turned tables for small, medium and larger enterprises is ResellerClub. It would be interesting to watch how enterprises make the most out of this technology.

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