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3 Niche Audiences App Developers Should Be Targeting
2017-12-06 by  Editor


As a proficient app developer, you possess a skill that can get you paid in so many different ways. There's the freelance development route, where you can pursue projects by submitting proposals or applications on “freelancing sites.” Then there's client-specific work, where you're hired and paid by the project or per hour to complete specific tasks or to develop an app for a client who provides ongoing work. You might also pitch app ideas to companies and find yourself in the business-to-business space as well. Alternatively, you may plan on launching your own highly successful and unique app. It really all depends on whether you intend to sell your skills as a product or a service, at which price you choose to do so, and the audience you choose to market towards. In any case, the following 3 audiences are sure to be gold mines for certain app developers during the next 5-10 years:

1. Healthcare Administrators

If you analyse the economy of most major cities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities account for a sizeable chunk of the revenue almost every time. From regional hospitals to clinics, private practices, and even dentists’ offices, the medical industry is huge and its always growing, right along with the population. An increasing number of hospitals are incorporating apps into their patient-doctor communication strategy. Plus, as anyone who is studying for a healthcare MBA online can tell you that the healthcare industry consistently pays good salaries and benefits.

2. Business Owners

Businesses of all kinds need apps to improve their brand image and to more effectively provide services on mobile devices. If you can provide a good pitch and app idea, with samples that draw the business owner's interest, you can easily land projects that way. Or you can advertise a one-size-fits-all business app service, and sell apps to businesses at a flat-rate online – no cold-calling involved. Whether you choose to approach the market aggressively or passively, there's undoubtedly tons of money to be made in the business app niche.

3. Educational Institutions

Believe it or not, there are plenty of physical colleges and online universities that still don't have decent apps for their students. As more schools begin to provide proprietary apps, the demand for educational app development will increase. There's already a tremendous market for this considering there are almost 24,000 universities in the world that are capable of granting degrees, some of which provide online healthcare MBA courses, and thousands more that only provide certifications or other kinds of courses and training. All of that online interaction between students and schools has to take place within software interfaces, either on the desktop side or via a mobile app. The latter is where a largely untapped niche market awaits, especially for developers who are also currently students.

Pitching Your Services to as Many Prospects as Possible

Ultimately, the best approach is to make your services visible and available to as many clients as possible. Of course, if you're operating as a “one-man” team, then you'll quickly find that you'll become overloaded with work and will only be able to choose from a handful of app development income sources that you can reasonably keep up with due to time constraints.

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