Important Metrics Every Website Needs To Track

2017-11-02by Elise Baker

You can build a robust brand having the custom web development solutions but manage its metrics and keep track of each one of them is something imperative. Launching a brand is far easier than monitoring its metrics. There are some important metrics, which needs special monitoring on a timely basis, and the list is mentioned below:

Data and Analytics

Your website might have catchy fonts and enticing color scheme all brightened up with engaging graphics but these factors are not enough to call it a successful website. You need to deep deeper into its data and analytics to know up to which extent it performs. Check and monitor, which features best, entertain the viewers and remover the hindrance badly effects your site. In the data and analytics, following are some key areas. Read on!

Number of Visitors

Check the areas, which navigated huge traffic on your site. While monitoring the analytics you should look for factors, which increase, or decrease your targeted traffic. If you find a sudden increase, know which actions, features or thing have participated.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate as described by Google is the percentage of people who exit the site after navigating to only a single page. These visitors either include the one who closes the window after opening your site or type another URL, does not stick on your web pages for longer or find your site to be irrelevant. What you need to do is, look for such factors, which discourages your target visitors.

By monitoring the analytics, you will get to know about the factors, which need to be improvised or removed for decreasing the bounce rate.

Click-Through Rate of CTA

Call-to-actions are the most important part of the website. No matter how much effect your custom web development solution is a poor CTA will badly affect the entire site performance. Track the performance of your call-to-actions to know which one is performing better.

Conversion Rates

The last and the most important metrics is to track conversion rates. Check the areas on your site, which increase bounce rates and the spots, which are engaging traffic and leading towards conversion. You should know the weak areas of your site.

These were some most important metrics, which you must keep the track of to generate fruitful outcomes and to make sure you are progressing at a stable pace. 

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