6 Widely Used Control Panels For An Effective Site Management

While running your website on a server you would most possibly want the easy features that would allow you to manage our server without and glitches. Due to their easy interface, the control panels with GUI or graphical interface are becoming very popular. Clients also look for the least memory consumption and fast speed. High level of functionality is another factor that plays a decisive role in the selection of an ideal web hosting panel. So, it is natural to get a bit confused while choosing an ideal hosting panel for you. You can take the help from this list of various control panels used widely across the globe:


cPanel is a hosting control panel with a graphical interface that extremely simplifies the website management process. This UNIX-based hosting control panel further enhances the functionality with a number of automation tools. Easy interface, very short learning curve and automated processes are the major reasons for the popularity of this control panel. It is considered to be the standard control panel of hosting industry.

cPanel offers hassle-free management of different aspects of your website via standard web browser. It also empowers you to streamline various key processes including but not limited to Email account creation, Database creation website files management and setting up an autoresponder.


•    The latest version comes with serious speed boosting capabilities and less memory consumption. Various features related to cPanel and WHM (Account creation, termination, etc.) are up to 10 times faster while memory consumption is reduced by 25% compared to its predecessor.

•    Its command line utilities have made cPanel API appealing for beginners with almost zero coding experience. Integration has become easy even for the naïve programmers.

•    cPanel automatically installs and updates SSL certificated for each domain hosted on your server. The SSL encryption is available free of charge and continues as long as cPanel account is active. The addition of SN1 support has also allowed the clients to get a number of domain specific certificates associated with /webmail, /cpanel and /whm redirects.

•    PHP-FPM effectively fortifies the security and EasyApache 4 makes it extremely simple to manage various packages smoothly and speedily.

•    Before you connect to the server it is verified by DNSSEC that adds an extra layer of security to you site shielding it from DNS cache poisoning. It helps you to secure your DNS zones and fortifies you against the most detrimental online threats.


Plesk is another popular control panel trusted by the web hosting industry. It has a number of automation features that take the pains out of your website management process. Plesk allows you to effectively control a huge number of virtual hosts on a single machine. Its automation functionality saves lots of time, eliminates human errors and also reduces the resources. These things ultimately reduce the operational costs while the increased accuracy enhanced customer experience. Plesk is interoperable among diverse hosts. It can be used for windows as well as popular Linux versions like CloudLinux, Ubuntu or CentOS. As opposed to cPanel that runs only on CentOS Plesk can run even inside a Docker container that is found on DockerHub.


•    Plesk’s Gitman extension allows it to integrate with Git, a widely used control system, for tracking site updates and changes. To be able to use this feature you should opt for Plesk 12.5 or higher version.

•    Launching Docker images via command line can be a daunting task especially for the beginners. That’s why Plesk core now includes Docker support that features a huge collection of 200000+ Docker images so that you can launch these images directly from Plesk

•    Plesk’s auto-handling of SSL certificate obtaining and required database file configuration for HTTPs only access fortifies the security of your web panel and the sites hosted on the server. It will also offer you the complete details during instances of attack. Certificate renewal and running HTTP2 is another additional feature of Plesk

•    Plesk offers you excellent Site backup and restoration features.


If you are looking for a really strong web hosting control panel to manage your website then ZPanel may be the ideal answer. You can download it for free. It is equally compatible with UNI, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.


•    It is empowered with a number of key features including but not limited to Apache Web Server, FileZilla Server, Webalizer, PHP, and RoundCube, phpSysinfo, phpMyAdmin, FTP Jailing and hMailServer. This excellent control panel that is written entirely in PHP language can run on MySQL, Apache, and PHP.

•    zPanel is one of the very few hosting control panels that are developed for both Linux & Windows server. From paid software, only Plesk/H-sphere has similar features. For people who like to to manage both platforms efficiently without having to learn another software, zPanel is by far the best free choice.

• zPanel is compatible with both Linux and Windows server. That means you can manage both the platforms without any specific software training.

•    zPanel can easily be installed without any significant delay tedious process or complex configurations. With just a few mouse clicks you can save the zPanel installed and it works perfectly for windows as well as Linux.


Kloxo is specifically designed to work excellently for Redhat and CentOS distribution. You will get a number of inbuilt essential features like backup restore, ticketing system modules and messaging. PHP, Perl, CGI, FTP and Spam Filter are some of the prominent control panels with which it is featured.


•    By using Kloxo you can run or manage Apache-BIND combination and smoothly toggle the interface between them without any data loss during the process.

•    Supports CentOS 5

•    Easy integration with leading software including WJMCS, HostBull, and AWBS

•    You will certainly enjoy Kloxo HostinABox the offers a comprehensive web hosting platform fuelled by 10 MB RSS

•    Use single page to view, manage or search through the entire hosting.

•    Advanced safety management with Lxguard that allows for detection of malicious invasion that can compromise your security

•    Effortless switching between different applications

•    FastCGI to scale to million hits on daily basis.

•    Moving accounts from one cluster to another are easy and hassle free.

•    Backup for entire history and freedom to restore any desired part.

•    Easy movement of resources across machines. When you outgrow single server just add another one and move the resources hassle free.


VHCS is another control panel for Linux that can be run via a web browser. Due to its features and characteristics, it is specifically ideal for web hosting service providers and IT professionals. It is written in Perl, C, and PHP and thus permits you to exercise full control end users and reseller. It’s easy to interface and powerful tools simplify various complicated technical tasks like user creation and server configuration. Besides, it also offers you the hassle free management of FTP, emails, Statistic and Apache host.


•    Though available free of charge VHCS has a clean interface and no adverts are attached. It is specifically developed to offer higher control over Linux web servers

•    VHCS is best for the beginners and fans of minimalism as it is simple and easy and does not complicate the experience y offering unnecessary features.

•    Both Linux and Unix support VHCS.

•    Being available in a number of languages VHCS makes it easier for the non-English speakers to work with it effortlessly and reduce the unnecessary dependability.

•    You will get comprehensive statistical information about Server for a better monitoring

•    You can choose to send action log to email by using Log2Mail service

•    It helps you in managing the SSL certificates.

•    You will be offered reliable 3-Level online support system,

•    Due to its specific infrastructure, you will have a full control over resellers, end users and servers.


EHCP is another control panel that allows a client to manage his hosting server via the web browser. It comes with a number of tools to streamline core management features. The USP of EHCP is that it comes with built-in support for PHP-FPM and Nginx- a feature that is lacking in other control panels. Due to its infrastructure and resources, EHCP offers fine performances even for low-end servers.

EHCP is another control panel that allows a client to manage his hosting server via the web browser. It comes with a number of tools to streamline core management features. The USP of EHCP is that it comes with built-in support for PHP-FPM and Nginx- a feature that is lacking in other control panels. Due to its infrastructure and resources, EHCP offers fine performances even for low-end servers.


•    EHCP offers a number of ehcp templates that can easily be customized to suit your specific needs

•    It supports domains, subdomains, DNS, and mysql

•    The domains are protected by password that offers additional security

•    You can have an easy access to Web-stats via Webalizer

•    It offers some strong email functionalities like the auto reply, email forwarding and catches all emails.

•    The scripts can easily be downloaded or copies via server

•    You can expect complete SSL support.

•    It comes loaded with some language templates. Additionally, it supports a number of languages and support

•    Due to its lightweight and simple functionality, it is really fast and can host hindered of domain

•    supports a number of applications like Bind9, Courier, PostFix, ProFTP, Awstats and Apache

•     It comes with built-in Admin for reseller and customer panel

•    It offers automated or manual shell installer

•    The strong features of Webspace, FTP and Mail Management come inbuilt within offers effective panel logging and DNS/SPF records.

•    Online Order System is added benefit

•    It offers effective panel logging and initials DNS/SPF records.

•    Online Order System is added benefit

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