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Some Popular NetSuite Competitors Offering Comprehensive Business Solutions
2017-08-17 by  Toby Nwazor


NetSuite is a leading company offering practical solutions for many enterprises on human resources, planning, CRM, transactions management and other essential tasks of daily company operation.

Principal direction of this company’s business is development of soft bundles such as “Global Business Management” – OneWorld, “Professional Services Automation” – PSA and “Omnichannel Commerce”- SuiteCommerce, “Enterprise Resource Planning” – ERP, “Customer Relationship Management” – CRM. The company provides numerous components. However, they do not provide solutions for any business and every scenario. For example, NetSuite does not provide their products and services to small and mid-size businesses. Their clients are mostly bigger size businesses. All companies have different circumstances and requirements.

Some NetSuite customers like the modules, but aren’t pleased with the service end and have no resources to get the premium bundle that includes instruction and technical advice. There are also prospective clients that might contemplate getting NetSuite products, but already have acquired software of NetSuite competitors. NetSuite products receive lots of feedback from customers, who point out at advantages and disadvantages of the suits, criticizing some of its product’s drawbacks.

NetSuite ticketing system provides options for quick issue resolutions and improved processes. NetSuite ticketing system offers improved and simplified solutions for many businesses providing fast options for client support or account management.

When talking about drawbacks, clients say that NetSuite software interface is a bit awkward and hard to use. Consumers also express their opinion about the price tag, and that the suits are not affordable for small companies. Reporting and updating are also considered to be the problematic issues with NetSuite. Having said that, we would like to shortlist some of the most popular and top user-rated NetSuite competitors.


Inacct often is advised as one of NetSuite competitors, which is best suited for customers who are not happy with bookkeeping features offered by NetSuite.  Inacct is a fantastic match for companies which need solid operation management and options of integrating its main options with other solutions. Inacct cannot be utilized in all sorts of industries, for example, it is not suitable for product manufacturers. That’s where NetSuite comes in place.


Inuit QuickBooks is one of NetSuite competitors that has been around for a long time. This platform is one of inexpensive NetSuite competitors and can boast many useful features allowing companies to perform integration of the procedures with QuickBooks and operate them from one place. This software can be used by people who are just starting in business and are not proficient in bookkeeping. They can also prepare data to show their accounting staff and collaborate with them.


FinancialForce is yet another one of NetSuite competitors, based on the popular Salesforce solution. It can be a fantastic option for smaller sized firms that need ERP and cloud accounting. This company deals with all the information in real time. This platform has customer-oriented services. It is based in California and is one of the leaders in cloud ERP for various industry sectors.


Considering that we have mentioned it before , Salesforce is is one of major NetSuite competitors offering comparable CRM solutions. Though it is not a fully featured NetSuite alternative, it can substitute many functions efficiently.


Similarly, like some of NetSuite competitors and NetSuite itself, Acumatica is a cloud-based software. This ERP system offers excellent optimization for mobile technologies and can be deployed on multiple platforms. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with Microsoft software.


This company is one of main NetSuite competitors in the area of CRM. It is designed to help improve business day-to-day tasks and processes. Both companies provide excellent solutions for their clients and are comparable in price and many other important features. Zendesk has been serving over forty thousand customers worldwide. Among its users are Fortune Five Hundred businesses including Vodafone, Sears, Tumblr and many other enterprises.


Jira software is one of the comprehensive tools for small businesses and freelancers with some of the features comparable to NetSuite OpenAir. This project and issue tracking software are highly rated as it provides many useful tools and features for a reasonable price.

SAP Business one

An industry leader, SAP can also be considered the most often requested NetSuite competitors.  Even though SAP’s main subscriber base is large enterprises, recently it has started offering ERP solutions to medium sized companies. SAP Business One is one of the most active NetSuite competitors that can be employed in many countries providing extra options and supporting multiple currencies. Like some of NetSuite competitors, SAP Business One has an advantage for bigger companies which are growing fast and want to have ERP in place using the platform.

Sage ERP

Another alternative to NetSuite named Sage is offering some EBR solutions focusing on various companies, big and small, and a variety of industries. These solutions are good for medium size businesses, mainly manufacturers and distributors. Small businesses can start working with Sage using its entry-level solution.

Oracle JD Edwards

Although Oracle has purchased NetSuite, it remains one of NetSuite competitors, and a lot of customers need to make their choice selecting a platform offered by one of two firms. They have many similar features, for example, they both cater to medium-sized enterprises and the global business ventures requiring rather multifaceted production and supply operations.

Microsoft Dynamics

Being one of NetSuite Competitors, Microsoft Dynamics offers great solutions for companies of many industries and sizes. Customers who reviewed both companies often put them side by side, giving high ratings to both businesses. Having limitations in some functions, Microsoft Dynamics is not very appropriate for production companies, although these shortcomings can be fixed by integration with third-party apps for additional functionality.


NetSuite is among the leading options for entire firm administration, but in case it does not meet your requirements, it can become a high priced blunder. Though the description of characteristics of the platforms mentioned above is an exceptional opportunity to begin your selection process, it is not complete. You can get help from IT consultants who are familiar with your business size and goals.

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