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8 Social Media Tools To Launch Your First Campaign

Social Media Tools that You Can Use to Simplify Marketing

Are you excited to launch your first campaign? Marketing through social media has now become a must for not just B2C driven businesses, but for B2B as well. Online presence and content marketing can actually provide tangible results for you. Those who invest in content driven marketing activities see almost 8% increase in their website visits per year as opposed to those who don’t. Yet surprisingly most companies don’t have a tracking system for their online marketing activities. There are so many tools available online that can help you to plan, create and market effectively to your target audience.

Don’t let the information available overwhelm you; instead use it to your advantage. Here are 7 tools from the planning to the marketing stage that can help you achieve your goals.

Social media tools for the planning stage:


Once you provide the keyword you plan to work on, this tool will dig up the biggest trends related to it not only from social media sites but from other websites as well. It also helps you to curate, manage, personalize and schedule your social media content especially on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also measure the engagement levels based on the analytics provided by this tool. It is one of the most effective social media management tools available and considered the best in the market. This can help you to decide the direction your campaign will take.


It is one of the best sites available to ask questions and get answers on any topic under the sun. While planning your campaign, this site can be used advantageously. Firstly, you can find out what questions people are asking related to your industry. You can create content for blogs and other articles based on this. It will immediately get you noticed since you’re providing relevant information related to the questions. Secondly, you can get direct customer feedback on what they do not like about certain aspects of your industry. And finally, by answering some of the questions and adding your links to your recently developed content on the matter to the answers, can provide you with great visibility. You know what the customers want and what their problem areas are with your industry if these points are roped into your campaign, you’re likely to have a winner.

Social media tools for the creation stage:

3. Apester

If you want to try out new types of content for your marketing campaign then this site is perfect for you. You can create interactive, fun marketing content, create quizzes and polls, etc. that help you to connect with your customers better.

4.Active Presenter

In today’s day and age when videos play a significant role in client/customer engagement, having promo videos in your first campaign is a must. This app allows you to make videos in hardly any time, sometimes in less than 20 minutes. It helps to create explainer videos and have many features which allow you to do basic editing and improve the quality of the videos.


It is an infographics maker with amazing features like classy templates and allows you to customize everything from fonts to other design elements. It is free for all and these infographics give your social media content the added boost that it requires.

Social media tools for the marketing stage:


This app helps to personalize emails better, gives reminders about the time of the follow up email blasts, and schedule new ones. The other big advantage is that it keeps a record of your email conversations as well as your tweets and Twitter conversations with people on your contact and sends you reminders to contact them via mails to enhance the relationship. Personalized marketing mails definitely have a better impact than the ones that are not.


Proper usage of this app can have a tremendous positive effect on your first campaign. A popular account on this site provides a lot of exposure on other social media sites, your links get mentioned and you may even get press coverage from the best. For your content to get viral though, you need to make sure that relevant stories, with a lot of visuals, listicles and first-person accounts are provided. A well-thought out paid ad on the site works well too.


DigitalOcto.io is an amazing social media growth tool. You do not need to have any experience to start growing your social media pages. With the platform, you can create eye-catching, beautifully branded visual posts without any design skills and publish them to social media in as little as a few minutes. DigitalOcto has over 1500 editable design templates that can fit any business needs. So if you would like to save time and make your social channels look professional, DigitalOcto is your best choice.

These tools can not only provide you with the much-needed clarity on the direction our campaign should take, they help you to gauge how well your campaign is doing. They provide you with adequate support that make your campaign stand out from the rest.

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