5 "Tips" And "Reasons" For Savouring The Art Of WordPress Development!

2017-07-04 by Rebecca Cole

An exclusively designed website manages to hold on to the attention of the online crowd with its extraordinary features and personality. The use of WordPress – a popular content management system, that began its journey as a mere blogging tool, is growing with the growing needs to create an enigmatic website. Approximately 27.5% of the top 10 million sites use WordPress to empower their sites. It could be best described as an exceptional platform to give wings to your dreams. This has exploded the extremity to hire WordPress developers who can make the best of both worlds.

7 Reasons why you will love WordPress

Read on to find out the basic reasons that have attracted a majority of the crowd to use WordPress for all their web solutions.

  • An open source that will never pose the risk of burning a hole in your pocket. You can download, install and start using it for absolutely free of cost.

  • An easy to use and understand content management system attracting millions of developers with its simplicity.

  • There are thousands of plugins and extensions that accentuate the functionalities of a website. Moreover, a majority of them are free of cost.

  • Clean and clear codes make it easy for the Google crawlers to identify your work on the technical platform.

  • Easy to customize your WordPress websites.

  • Extremely scalable in nature and can accommodate multiple users, as and when its capacity broadens.

  • It is available in more than 70 languages, eliminating the language barrier.

These are just the tip of an iceberg, there is a lot more to the popularity of WordPress that has attracted the usage of WordPress powered website. It is not just these advantages but also the way in which it is being accepted among the tech geeks has also contributed to its recognition.

5 Tips for developing with WordPress

After skimming through the advantages of using WordPress, let us now have a quick glance at the essentials that every WordPress developer should be loaded with to make the development process a huge success. Read on to find out about them.

1. Optimize your Workflow

Creating a website requires a lot of efforts and endurance and when they are all streamlined in the proper direction you have a definite path that when followed brings out the best of both worlds. If you have your path well defined you will know how to reach your destination. It all lies in the hands of the developer as to how to take the entire development process to a new level. Hence make efforts to judiciously allocate your time for enduring the best of results. Create a workflow that makes use of all desired tools for testing, automating and much more, easing out your developemnt process.

2. Know the essence of WordPress

You should have a deep knowledge on the platform that you are working with. Know the nitty gritty of WordPress before you start implementing them in your technical outcomes. You can take help of the online tutorials and videos to sharpen your WordPress development skills. Every organization would love to hire WordPress developers who are mindful about the basics as well as the core knowledge on WordPress as it will affect the end results.

3. Know the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Before you start dwelling in the world of WordPress it is always fruitful to know about your surroundings. There are two concepts that the world of WordPress emancipated and they are WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Know what differentiates them and how to get the best of both worlds. Also, make yourself aware about the premium plugins and free plugins before you start implementing them on your website. The usage of any feeble plugin might disrupt the overall functionality of the website.

4. Master the art of debugging WordPress bugs

Bugs are a part and parcel of all the web solutions. The world of WordPress too stumbles upon bugs that needs to be fixed from time and again for a great user experience. You can make generous use of debug tools and if you have recently stepped in the world of WordPress you can start off with the WordPress Codex during the initial stages to ward off the bugs.

5. Follow the best practices and guidelines

Just like each and every platform comes with a definite set of rules and regulations, WordPress too is endowed with its set of standards that help in maintaining the authenticity of the website. When you are following the rules and regulations, you always end up with neat and clean codes making it easy for future references. Not adhering to the guidelines will trouble you at a later stage and hence take efforts to stick to the best practices.

Final Note

WordPress has evolved drastically since its inception in the year 2003. With each passing of time, WordPress is witnessing changes that have accentuated its components along with its performance. The future seems quite alluring for all the developers and designers who are already working with WordPress and also those who are eagerly waiting to try their hands on one of the most popular content management systems. 

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