Your Five Minute Guide To Hosted Exchanges

2017-06-26by Ahad Anwar

Managing an internal email solution can sometimes feel like an impossible task. When youre not juggling network uptime issues and power consumption, youre trying to deal with hardware management. With emails being such a vital part of business 97 per cent of email users in an Osterman Research survey consider email to be important or extremely important in doing their work it is integral that it works as close to 100 per cent functionality and productivity as possible. In this guide Top PC Tech webmaster Ahad Anwar has presented you a guide about hosted exchanges.

As a result, a growing number of organisations are finding the use of Microsoft Exchange as a hosted exchange is an ideal way to leave all the fuss of management and uptime to a third-party provider. With Hosted Exchange 2017, employees can access their emails and other documents from a phone, tablet or PC with internet access.

If youre new to the world of hosted exchange, hopefully youll find this five minute guide to be an ideal entry-level look at managing emails externally.


Taking a closer look at hosted exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server is an incredibly important piece of software. Over 160 million people worldwide use the system every day as it offers capabilities including (but not limited to) email, calendaring, task management and address lists. This is where hosted exchange comes in; hosted exchange providers can deliver Microsofts technology as a fully managed solution (ensuring security, integrity and delivery of email).

Theres a number of reasons why businesses migrate to hosted exchange. One of the main benefits is the lower cost of hosted exchange as many providers include licensing costs as part of their service, reducing the cost of hosted exchanges compared with alternative options like on-premise exchanges.

In addition, as a third party is managing the entire backend of your email, the impact of major and minor service outages is minimised. For instance, a flash flood in your business area could knock out messaging capabilities but as the hosting provider is not in your area, your email capabilities will remain safe. Users will still be able to access their hosted exchange accounts from anywhere via a web browser, a mobile device or a copy of Outlook on their home computer. This ability to allow individuals to work from any supported device is essential as remote working is now a big factor for jobseekers and current employees in the world of work.

Another great benefit of hosted exchange is that it can be tailored to suit your business needs. No two businesses are the same and, as such, hosting providers dont believe that one size fits all either. As such, youll probably find hosted exchange providers offer bundle systems as well as standalone products in order to cater to business needs.

If you end up wanting to upgrade to a more recent version of exchange, thats an available option for users of a hosted exchange. Some providers may even migrate their customers to a new version at no cost all with minimised IT downtime.

A hosted exchange is simply a better way to share emails, calendars and contact information. Hunt down an exchange provider to see how the system can benefit your business.

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