How To Earn A Great Living As A Freelance Web Developer

2017-05-18 by Sara Stringer

Although many people think that living in a gig economy is something new, nothing could be farther from the truth. In the 18thcentury, most Europeans and Americans took pride in working for themselves.

Today in an era where corporations run our lives, dictating our course of action for eight or more hours each day, it’s a refreshing change to develop a skill that can be used to create an independent income.  

The reason why so few people desire to break free from the role of employee is not because of the huge advantages of working for someone else. It’s simply because they don’t have the skillsets necessary to make a decent living on their own.

However, since the demand for technical skills exceeds the supply, those who have high-level skills like a web developer will probably earn more money than if they were to work for an employer. This is because a corporation has to cap the earning power of an individual to balance its budget. A freelancer can earn much more by working for a large number of businesses than for just one company.

So if you have web developer skills, you may be better off working for yourself. What you lose in company healthcare benefits, you can more than make up for with your higher earnings and finding your own individual health insurance.

Let’s take a closer look at how to flourish as a freelance web developer:

1. Maximize productivity.

As a freelance web developer, you should do your best to leverage technology to enhance your level of productivity.

Here are some ideas on how to use technology to be more productive:

·  Use computer monitoring software so that you can take on more projects without a reduction in quality.

·  Use project management software to make sure that you are getting the right things done when they should be done. Without a prioritized list, you could be spending a great deal of time doing something well that need not be done at all.

·  Use capture tools to grab all the inputs flying at you. Without a capture tool, like a GTD Notetake wallet or Evernote, you could be losing valuable insights that could transform your business. You will come across insightful ideas when talking to your clients, when doing project research, and when talking with fellow web developers.

·  Use time-tracking software, ranging from Pomodoro software to Google Calendar, to stay on top of everything you do throughout the day and the week.

2. Make it easier for clients to say “yes.”

There are numerous ways of persuading clients that you are the perfect person for the job:

·  Build a portfolio website loaded with plenty of testimonials from past clients.

·  Blog regularly and share technical insights on forums and social media platforms to show your subject matter expertise.

·  Get professional certifications to show objective proof that you have the right skill sets.

3. Don’t be afraid to say “no.”

One reason you probably became a freelancer was because you were forced to labor through tedious projects with difficult clients when you worked for a corporation. Now that you are on your own, you have to avoid getting desperate and taking on any projects just to pay the bills.

By saying “no” to time-wasting, low-paying projects, you will (a) raise your self-esteem; (b) free your time up for better opportunities; and (c) avoid filling your portfolio with unimpressive projects.

Ironically, the clients who pay the least and demand the most are also usually the ones who will give you the most difficult time and be the first to tell others how terrible you are at your job. Interestingly, other clients who pay more and demand less also tend to appreciate everything you do and eagerly spread the word about how good you are at what you do.

By saying no to low-quality projects and cheap, carping clients, you open the door to getting high quality work from fair-minded, generous, and appreciative clients.

Work-Life Balance

Besides the chance to call all the shots on projects, pricing, and productivity, freelancing will allow you to enjoy an overall better quality of life. You’ll be in a better mood more often, have more time to spend with your favorite people, and do more of the things you really enjoy.

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