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Is Disavowing Necessary In The Era Of Link Devaluation?


Penguin 4.0 was one of the best versions of Penguin. It took Google a lot of time to release this update, but once it was launched; the past versions seemed intolerant of harmful links to a site. The other versions of this Google algorithm suppressed entire sites, if they thought that manipulative link building had been resorted to. The suppression continued till the time the SEO executives conducted a thorough cleanup and Google re-ran the algorithm to recognize the cleaning you had done.    

As of now, instead of devaluing an entire site, Penguin simply devalues that particular spam which it detects, so that it cannot help in improving the ranking of a site. Now, the question is, if Penguin can devalue spam, is there is any need to disavow links anymore?

To get an answer, we must first glance through the idea of disavowing.

Oftentimes, you must have noticed unnatural links pointing to your site. This can be quite harmful for your site and you can be hit by the unnatural links penalty. The disavow tool introduced in October 2012 is a way to tell Google that you are aware of the presence of certain unnatural links to your site and are asking the search engine not to count them.

As of now, there is a tough discussion among analysts regarding the importance of the disavow tool. While some are of the opinion that, if Google can devalue spam links there is no need to opt for disavowing them, another faction believes that the disavow tool should be used in the wake of Penguin 4.0.

Let us check out 2 reasons that describe why disavowing should not be considered obsolete yet.

Whether you are a small business owner or a Phoenix SEO Sand Crest professional trying to learn the nitty-gritty of Google’s updates, the importance of the disavow tool in the reign of the latest Google algorithm is something to learn about.

# Some algorithms still use links

The quality of link has always been significant to Google. Besides Penguin, Payday Loans is one algorithm which makes use of links. If links to your site make it look spammy, it is always better to not count it. Therefore, even if devaluing is the in-thing, disavowing is here to stay.

# Manual actions do exist

Business owners prefer to keep their sites free from manual actions. In case the manual action team, while reviewing a site, find that majority of the links are Penguin Real-time affected, they tend to apply a manual unnatural penalty on the site.

In simpler words, if you think that Google will simply devalue the spammy links instead of disavowing them, you are gravely mistaken.

As for the question regarding the validity of the disavow tool, it is suggested that if you want to stay away from being penalized any time in the future, opting for the disavow tool is not old school. Since Penguin is not the only algorithm using links, it is important that Google does not count the unnatural and harmful links to your site.

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