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Why Should You Opt For A Dedicated Server In India?
2017-03-17 by  Dylan Levy


Dedicated hosting, the server is taken on lease by a client enterprise exclusively for its personal use. So, when you choose a dedicated server in India, you will be able to avail all resources of that server such as bandwidth, server space, processing power, and memory.

A dedicated server in India may be the right choice for your business when you are running an ecommerce store for instance that gets a lot of web traffic. Regardless of the size of your business, you can choose from different hosting options like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting etc. Most start-ups prefer to sign up for shared hosting plans as these are the cheapest. For businesses that get very high incoming traffic and which may be graphic-intensive, a dedicated hosting plan is likely to be suitable. In dedicated hosting, the server is rented by a client enterprise exclusively for its own use. So, when you choose a dedicated server in India, you will be able to avail of all resources of that server, such as, bandwidth, server space, processing power, and memory. This indirectly means that with dedicated hosting, you can enjoy better reliability, security, higher network uptime, scalability and flexibility and excellent technical supports.

What are the key benefits of signing up for a dedicated server in India?

  • Among the many benefits which dedicated servers offer, perhaps the greatest is reliability. When you choose to sign up for a dedicated server in India, you will not be forced to share the server resources with your neighbors. This means that you will not have to be concerned about the resources getting used up by others or poor scripts running on your neighboring sites which can slow down your site.
  • With a dedicated server in India, you can enjoy the highest possible server uptime for your website. When your website gets heavy traffic, it is imperative that you choose plans which can guarantee better scalability, reliability and stability. So, dedicated hosting is the obvious choice as shared hosting forces you to share resources with co-users.
  • When you choose dedicated hosting, you will also not have to share a server with websites which may be potential spam sites or malicious sites that can affect your rankings in the search engines. A dedicated server will provide robust security provisions which are especially significant for companies that engage in online financial transactions.
  • When you choose a dedicated server in India, you can root access to that server which lets you customize the server settings. So, you can tweak its settings to cater to your needs for space, bandwidth, CPU or RAM. You can also run the operating system of your choice and install custom applications to benefit your business.
  • A dedicated hosting plan will offer you a unique IP address. In shared hosting, there are multiple sites sharing common IP address. This means that if any of the co-users is a spam site, your site will get blacklisted and pushed down in rankings. A unique IP address is a must-have when you run an ecommerce store which needs SSL certification for processing monetary transactions.
  • With dedicated hosting services, you can leave the tasks of managing and securing the server to your web host for a price. So, you can save both time and money because you do not have to buy costly hardware for storage. You will also not need to recruit and maintain a qualified staff to handle server related problems.
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