GoDaddy Vs. Bluehost: Who Offers A Better Deal?

2017-02-14 by lauren ebsary

You cannot deny the fact that GoDaddy and Bluehost are two prominent giants from the web hosting realm. Generally, availing the services of either of these web hosting giants is great for your business, but it is better to find precisely what suits you most.

This write-up has come up with a useful comparison of both Bluehost and GoDaddy. It will enable you to take the right decision as it is the matter of the success of your business. You must understand that having a successful website is not all about adding great features into it, in fact, it is more than that.

If you dig out more so you will find that maintaining your website after getting it properly hosted on any trustable web hosting forum happens to be the biggest challenge.

Following is the explained comparative study of both these famous web hosting giants. Make sure you go through all of them as it is necessary to take the right decision.

1. Uptime

You will find it quite interesting as Bluehost does not claim any specific uptime guarantee but definitely offers great uptime percentage reaching up to 99.9%.  On the other hand, GoDaddy really claims to offer a similar guarantee. While digging out more precisely, you will find that GoDaddy’s performance for uptime guarantee is not better than Bluehost. It means that Bluehost is best compared to GoDaddy in this regard.

2. Performance

Both these famous web hosting platforms perform well similarly and that is the reason why they are famous web hosting giants. You must know that Bluehost happens to run effectively on AMD power centers and leverage CPU segregation innovation. That enables it to effectively maintain the CPU and keep your website away from coming across viruses. If you talk about GoDaddy’s servers so they happen to run on Intel Core i7 processors. Keep in mind that both hosting platforms perform well equally.

3. Customer support Services

Bluehost is the hosting platform, which is indeed famous for offering high-quality customer support. For any kind of technical support, the representatives of Bluehost are always ready and you can blindly rely on them for any technical support. In this comparison Bluehost successfully supersedes GoDaddy as it does not stay constant to facilitate customers more effectively. Customers wait for a long time to get a reply from any representative of GoDaddy.

4. Hosting plans

It is important to know that people get a free domain with different hosting plans that both these web hosting companies offer. As you talk about Bluehost so it offers you only Linux Hosting. On the other hand, if you talk about GoDaddy so it offers plans for both Windows hosting and Linux. You must know that GoDaddy happens to supersede Bluehost successfully when it comes to Windows hosting.

5. Pricing   

The cheapest price of any hosting plan offered by Bluehost happens to be $3.49 each month. On the other hand, if you talk about GoDaddy, so its lowest hosting plan will cost you $3.99 each month. If you explore out about premium offers by Bluehost so you will find that it is much expensive compared to GoDaddy.

All these above-mentioned comparisons assist you to take the right decision when it comes to select the best web hosting company among Bluehost and GoDaddy. By reading this write-up thoroughly, you have will have come to the conclusion that Bluehost is expensive. Though it is expensive but comparatively better than GoDaddy so if you have good budget then you must go for Bluehost.

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