Importance Of Search Engine Optimization In Ecommerce Web Development

2017-01-09 by Manchun Kumar

Digital marketing means promoting brand and their products using digital channels most likely the Internet. Digital marketing also known as Internet or Online marketing where we use search engine and social media sites to promote your brand world widely. The ultimate objective of digital marketing is to promote brand all over the world and targeting the specific audience mainly online users as well as mobile users.

Types of Digital Marketing

Several types of digital marketing techniques are available in the market. Some of the most popular are as follow:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Now, you can easily understand the benefits of digital marketing and how effective it is in promotion scenario.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Connect customers with our brand digitally using Internet
  • Ensure higher Conversion Rates
  • Enhance website visibility and ranking over the search engine
  • Savemoney as compare to other physical media
  • Ensure higher profitability and returns on their investment
  • Enables real-time customer services to resolve all their issues
  • Connects brand with the mobile users using the Responsive features
  • Helps in generating higher revenues for our business
  • Provide opportunities to easily understand the behavior of other competitors

In this post, we are going to discuss about the SEO importance in ecommerce business. Thus, we first discuss the meaning of ecommerce business and search engine optimization.

Ecommerce Business

Today, the world is moving into the ecommerce business where we use electronic media mainly Internet to sell our products and services. The main target of ecommerce business is to impress the online audience and convince them to buy our products. Ecommerce business is based on the customer centric approach where the aim of business owner is to facilitate the customers and provide flexibility to purchase our services. Additionally, ecommerce business provides opportunity to peopleto start their own business and becomes their own boss. We can also say that ecommerce platform is boon for all types of people either  customers or business man.

Search Engine Optimization - Meaning and its Types

Before discussing the meaning of search engine optimization, we first know what is search engine?

Search Engine means a mechanism which answers all the questions raised by their visitors. As per today's trend, the most popular search engine is Google, a place where we get the answers of all the questions which come in our mind. Search engine not only answer our query but also helps in promoting our brand world widely. This term is best known as Search Engine Optimization(SEO) where search engine ensures higher profitability and returns on investment by promoting our brand world widely.

SEO refers to the process of enhancing and improving the website visibility as well as ranking over the search engine so that website can generate large number of website leads and get the higher conversion rate. The main target of SEO is to impress and educate the targeted audience about the brand products. To fulfill this objective, we continuously improve website design by placing website elements like content, and graphics more effective so that targeted audience can easily find the required information and ready to buy our products thorugh JanBask

After discussing the meaning of SEO, let’s learn the benefits or advantages of SEO in our business.

Importance of SEO in our business

  • Boost profitability and returns on investment
  • Enhance website leads
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Higher customer acquisition ratio
  • Improve and enhance website visibility as well as ranking

SEO plays an important role in the growth and customer acquisition of ecommerce business or online business. The most widely used term is online shopping where we have to do nothing. No need to wonder at different shops, carrying heavy bags, and most importantly no cash. On few simple clicks of your mouse and product is yours.   

Let’s discuss the different types of SEO used widely in ecommerce platform.

Types of SEO

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

Let’s discuss each type one by one in details

On Page SEO

On page SEO refers to the process where we try to improve and enhance the website elements like content, graphics, and more. In other word, we can say that SEO professionals and web designers work together in gaining the attention of targeted audience and indirectly force them to buy our products. In on page SEO, professionals deeply analyze all website elements namely content, keywords strength, header information, title information, internal linking, and more. All this is done to gain the visitors or audience attention. 

Most Popular Elements of On-Page SEO

Keywords: While creating a website, we should always remember that webpages should contain quality keywords which can easily be considered by the search engine. Keywords should be more relevant so that they can effectively define our business objective as well as goal.

Title Information of a Website:The title of each web page including Home page should be more clear, attractive, and relevant so that targeted audience can easily influence from it and more importantly easily searched by the search engine. 

Header Information of a Website: Each web page should consist proper header information which is the combination of quality and primary keywords. Sometimes users search information as per header thus we should remember that header information should be more clear and concise.   

Website Content:Website content plays an important role in online promotion thus it should be more clear, concise and effectively presented to targeted audience. Additionally, the website content is mainly designed to educate and guide the targeted audience thus we should remember that the information is well defined and effectively presented at right place. For, example, the contact information should be clearly mentioned at easy to reach place so that brand audience can easily contact brand owner.

Internal linking:This refers to the navigation between web pages. In a website, we should effectively design the internal linking so that visitors easily move from one web page to another. This will help users in easily finding the required information which can help in understanding the brand products.

Off-Page SEO

In off-page SEO, we improve and enhance website visibility over the search engine. The most important elements of Off-Page SEO are backlinks and social media which are defined as follows:

Backlinks:Backlinks are the most important aspect of SEO process. Search engine considers backlinks as “votes” which helps in measuring the success of a website and deciding the website ranking. If a website is having large number of backlinks then it is ranked as top in the search engine.

Social Media: Social media is the platform which helps brand owners in promoting their brand all over the world and shared the brand information with among audience. As per search engine ranking algorithm, a website is ranked as top if it is shared and liked by a large number of people enormously.

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