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4 Ways The Cloud Can Make Your Business More Successful


Cloud computing in layman's terms is the outsourcing of virtual office space in a place that is secure and easily retrievable. The cloud has infinite capacity and businesses can take advantage of this by letting it handle the paperwork, only that storage is in paperless form. It can take away the pain of having to store papers that eventually accumulate dust, mites, and molds in the offices while posing as a potential fire risk. 

Cloud-based programs get hosted by companies like Lightstream technology solutions that combine customer care models with superior technology solutions. The following are the four ways that the cloud can make your business more successful.

1. Cutting down on meetings
The traditional meetings can be productive. They bring together the employees who brainstorm on issues giving ideas and charting the way forward. However, sometimes, they are had far too frequently and overtake work production. If uncontrolled, they could assume the primary position in the business, resulting in it being a nuisance, and negating the original purpose. 

This is where Cloud comes in handy. Agendas can be distributed and debated upon over cloud platforms saving precious time to the core business. Critical meetings can happen over platforms like Skype through video and conference calls. They are cheaper and video conferencing can accommodate more people in one call.

Memos get shared in a common folder where it is easy to reach and act. The concerned contribute to a plan and share their findings online as opposed to meeting physically. Files and folders can also be shared online ensuring more accuracies, transparency and time efficiencies. Employees who are not within the office location get to participate actively despite being far off. Monitoring progress becomes easy and cost-effective. 

2. Reduce paper wastage
Production of paper means cutting down of trees, eventually affecting the environment as well as the climate. Businesses need to produce bills, invoices, reports and memos for communication. Without these, there is no evidence of work done.

The solution lies in the cloud. Once converted, the documents are placed online and can be retrieved as desired. The safety of the cloud makes it the best place to keep your documents. It can be shared only by those who have authority to access. The encryption code acts as a safeguard that cannot hack quickly.

3. Order in the office
An office with a lot of files can sometimes be confusing. Records that date years back and yet the data is still valid line up precious space in an office. Some organizations have a complete filing department that comes with associated costs. Training for filing staff is required, and retrieving documents takes precious time.

Cloud computing ensures that the filing gets done instantly. It is easy to perform this task, and anyone can do it from the comfort of their workplaces or even homes. Retrieval is also instant and conducted remotely.

4. Tax Returns
No one wants a scenario where the taxman comes calling, and there are gaps in paperwork.
When it is time to report your taxes, nothing can be more disappointing and frustrating than finding that some documents are missing or that the data is inaccurate. The best solution is to have all this in a cloud-based management system where materials are safe, and record recall is easy.

The costs associated with paper handling are enormous and cannot get ignored. A whole filing department might be required for large companies. They will require manpower which comes at a cost. Files, paper and, markers are other requirements needed to have an operating filing system.

The cloud offers complete security to the sensitive documents and ensures that required data gets availed on time. Businesses need to embrace this system that brings order to offices and reduces operating costs.

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