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Features Of The Amazon’s Merchant Keywords


Being a seller on Amazon seller is competitive, but it is being simplified by using keyword tools that will increase your product’s visibility. Keywords are important SEO components that determine whether your products appear top on the Amazon search result pages or not.

Optimizing your products on Amazon takes more work than selling on any other site because you will need to have exact product details, high quality graphical representation, and a concise title. The title should have a keyword and you should also include long tail keywords on your product description.

Using generic keywords and long tail keyword phrases will undermine your marketing edge and you will notice that for success, you will need unique keywords that have less competition. On-page and off-page SEO techniques will also incorporate use of metatags on pictures.

Besides the product title and description, keywords should also be included on reviews, categories, ratings etc. This helps in increasing your keyword ranking. Organic pay-per-click measures can also be adopted to increase your brand or your product’s ranking on the search engine.

 To ensure that you get all these right, you ought to have a suitable keyword tool and Amazon’s merchant keywords tool is important in making sure of this succeed and increasing your productivity.

It is an appropriate tool for all Amazon merchants and as one of them, you will benefit because this tool has the following features:

  • Search volume

This tool gives you all the insider information for the most and the least popular searches.  Equipped with this information, you will be on higher grounds compared to your competitors. The results obtained will give you information about the best keywords to use, keyword phrases for your line of products, and the best long tail phrases.

This is information everyone looks for while many other fail to consider looking for. If you have this, then you will be better off at selling your products.

  • Amazon searches

When identifying your buyers, it is pertinent to create a buyer persona. Every marketer understands that selling without a buyer persona in mind stunts your profitability. The merchant words tool makes it possible for you to carry out actual Amazon searchesabout your product line.

There are millions of words and phrases collected that match your products and the merchant words tool will give you all this information. Information gathered is power, which will help you in narrowing down your buyers and their needs making it possible for you to design a specific product alongside descriptions that will communicate to your market.

  • Unique keyword data

Every seller hunts down unique keywords. These words and phrases draw the line between high and low sales and by using the world’s best and the only Amazon keyword tool for merchant keywords, you will be able to carve out your niche.

  • Plans

The two plans for merchant words tool include the pro and the enterprise packages. They are user friendly, fast efficient, have a huge search volume, and millions of keywords.


In conclusion, you need an effective Amazon keyword tool to increase your profit margins in Amazon. Though some plans are expensive, they will result in higher ROIs eventually.

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