What Is Software As A Service And What Are Its Benefits For Your Business?

2016-07-27 by Ronal Patel

SaaS or Software as a Service is a cloud service that enables consumers to access software applications over the internet. These applications are used for accomplishing an array of tasks. Moreover, some of the examples of SaaS are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more.Well! It is pretty understandable that organizations use these applications for many purposes such as accounting and invoicing, managing sales, planning, supervising performance and communications (including webmail and instant messaging) and so on.

Thus, SaaS empowers the businesses to thrive and flourish in an apt manner. SaaS eliminates the need for the organizations to install and manage the applications on their own computers or data centers. Thus, the expenses of extra installation costs and expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning, software licensing etc. are eliminated. Hence, instead of installing and maintaining these software applications, you can simply access it through Internet and complete the particular tasks without complications.


Some of the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) are as follows:


1. Flexible payments: Rather than purchasing software and paying the maintenance cost, customers can subscribe to SaaS offering and make their operations more affordable and supreme.


2. Scalable usage: SaaS hosting offers high scalability and this empowers the customers to access the applications as per their specific needs and requirements.


3. Automatic updates: Whenever there is an update available on internet, cloud provider will automatically update the application and thus, save your precious time and money.


4. No additional hardware costs: Cloud provider only supplies the processing power and hence, there is no requirement of additional hardware installation or maintenance.


5. Applications can be tailored as per your needs: With some software, customization is available which describes that as per your needs and business requirements, you can alter and change the applications and make it go well with the needs and branding of a particular customer.


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