Let Your Website Be Your Brand Ambassador

2016-06-24 by Dave Thomas

How much time and effort goes into your company’s website?

For some business owners, they pour their heart and souls into their websites, knowing just how important they are.

Others, however, fail to sense the importance of their websites, leading them to eventually miss out on opportunities to add customers and grow their revenue streams.

With that being the case, never take the importance of your website for granted.

So, are you willing to let your website be a brand ambassador?


Review and Rework Your Site as Needed

One of the biggest problems business owners will run into is when they take their websites for granted.

If you’ve been one such owner up to now, sit down and take a good hard look at your site. You might be surprised at just how much value your website has to you and your brand when all is said and done.

For starters, your website is essentially one big business card for your company.

Whether you turn to vendors such as http://cityprintdesign.com.au/ or others like them for your printed brand promotions, be sure your message is on target.

With your website, you can open the doors to so much business, but only if you are willing to sink the time and effort needed into crafting a well-run site.

Begin by looking at the two most important facets of your site, the content and design of it.

When it comes to your content, what exactly is your website saying about your business?

Is the content authoritative and informative? Does it provide visitors with true value or is it just content that essentially is nothing more than filler? What kinds of content are you putting on your site’s blog?

For some business owners, their blog content is nothing more than glorified press releases. Others, however, dig deeper and put substantive content on their sites, giving visitors information that actually proves beneficial.

No matter what the content is (long or short, about your brand or your industry etc.) be sure that it will make visitors (consumers) want to come back for more. You can do this by simply leaving a call to action in the posts more times than not.


Design a Winning Website

The time and effort you put into your site’s design is also critical.

For example, take your own personal experiences when you visit other business websites.

Some of the items that may bother you include slow downloading times, broken links, copy that goes on and on, copy that may be hard to read, lack of imagery etc. Compile a list of all those things that bother you about other sites, making sure you avoid such issues on your site.

One important aspect of your design is to have pages that are both inviting and attractive.

Look at your website as like a printed brochure.

How often do you come across brochures that lack excitement, color, and imagery?

When this happens, you are likely to briefly glance at the brochure and move on.

On the other hand, brochures that offer compelling information, great imagery, sharp colors etc. are likely to grab your attention.

View the design of your website in a similar fashion.

Put as much worthwhile information on your site, coupled with images of happy people, colorful designs etc.

Once you have the content and design areas covered, the next goal of course is to market your website.

It is important that you view your site as almost like another employee, one that can tell the world all the good there is to know about your brand.

Not only should your site be marketed online, but make sure your brochures, flyers, business cards etc. all direct consumers back to your site. Simply adding your site’s URL to all your printed materials can lead to an uptick in business.

Finally, take the time to see what the competition is doing as far as their website offerings.

No, you don’t want to copy verbatim what your competitors are doing, but you can get some ideas from them with a few glances.

In many cases, you will likely see other businesses using their websites as brand ambassadors.

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