Why Do You Need A Managed VPS Server?

2016-04-21 by Raza Shaikh

There are a lot of advantages of having a managed VPS. If you are into any business, it is very important to make the move from shared server to managed VPS server to keep up with the growth of your business.

1. Faster Performance

It is very important for a website to load as quickly as possible because statistics have shown that users leave websites that fail to load in 6-7 seconds. In addition to that it is very crucial from a search engines point of view because Google gives higher priority to websites that load quickly and give better user experience.

VPS server and especially SSD VPS server are well known into the market for their performance and lightening faster speed. VPS server will definitely help you achieve a better leading time for your website at a cost that you can afford

2. Scalability

VPS servers are highly scalable.  This means VPS server allows scaling up and down the resources (i.e. CPU, Disk space, RAM) depending on your business requirements very easily and without downtime. 

If your website is on a shared server, you cannot scale up and down the resources as you are sharing the resources with other websites. It is obvious that your to be affected negatively by misconfiguration of other websites because there is no real isolation of resources and bandwidth between the websites hosted on the same shared server

On the other hand with VPS server you are able to scale the resources allocated because you have your own isolated server.

3. Customer Service

This scalability factor points to the customer service benefits.  When you are part of a managed VPS server plan, there is always technical staff to call for help. If you are having any question and concern about your server then you are free to call, chat or email your web host. There are many web hosting provider which offer you tech support like Webhosting UK. They are renowned in the market for 24/7 premium support with proactive monitoring. 

It is extremely important for a business to have a web hosting provider who offer 24/7 premium support because at the time of emergency someone should be there to solve your problems.

4. Security

No doubt with the shared server you can’t achieve that level of security which is required for a business to run safely over the web. Because the security is something that we can’t ignore, most of time we put very confidential data on our website and we never want that data to go in the wrong hands. As on the shared server the resources are shared by another websites hosted on the same server you can’t expect high level of security with this type of server.

The level of security on a VPS server is much higher than that of shared server. This means that you are, in essence, having your own dedicated server.  You are not simply sharing resources on a larger server that runs your site, mixing with other websites in the same space.

The best part about the security of managed VPS severs is that the hosting provider himself takes care of the security of the server and will always takes the necessary actions when required. This allows focusing on business instead of being bogged down by technical issues.

5. Time and Cost

Managed hosting is costly than shared hosting plan but if the overall advantages of managed VPS are taken into consideration then it proves to have higher savings.

With manage VPS; the provider takes care of every issue and problem which is an invaluable benefit. Managed VPS hosting acts as a lifesaver and enables you to concentrate on your core business activities. 


In short, for the small business owners managed VPS hosting is an ideal solution. You can have the peace of mind when you know your website is in good hands.  A reliable and secure hosting provider is a must to grow your business and to survive in the competition.


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