5 Common Myths Of Responsive Web Design

2016-02-15by Madelyn Jade

The array of mobile phones and tablets of different sizes available have influenced the web designers to coin a concept, through which all the websites could be viewed on various sizes of screen. Finally, Ethan Marcotte introduced “Responsive Web Design”  (RWD). It is a method of designing websites that are adaptable and flexible to all possible screens. This approach enhances the user experience and enables the websites to adjust according to resolution, image size etc. But there are certain perplexities about responsive web design and now it’s high time to dispel the rumors and myths associated with this concept-:

Compatibility with all Browsers- RWD is synchronized with all modern browsers which support media queries, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and the latest version of Internet Explorer. But it does not work well with the older versions of browsers like IE7 & IE8, these browsers do not follow the instructions of  responsive websites. Since the older browsers are losing market share, they are also striving to update themselves to provide an optimal experience to the customers.

RWD focuses on Mobile Devices- We all are aware that responsive web design came into existence due to an upsurge in mobile devices. But there are different kind of users who use mobile as well as desktop, so web designers have to consider certain factors like device, location and approach users have, while creating a website. Apart from content, the presentation through layout, text sizes, resolution and image sizes are also important to give a better design. However, it is not associated only with mobile devices because it is not concerned about the measurement of the screen size. RWD is meant to support all internet enabled devices and capable to fit all sizes of monitors.

It is too Expensive to Afford- Mallory Zoe, an brand consultant of Lifesaveressays.com observes that people often get confused about the cost associated with the RWD because of its rich and sophisticated design of website. Although it requires a lot of time to develop responsive websites, they are not expensive. Designers are still trying to find out ways to make it more cost effective. There are many agencies which design the responsive websites at discounted rates and cost less or equal to other web development firms.

RWD ensures faster load times- Study has shown that responsive sites tend to have slower load time. In order to provide a desktop experience for all users, it downloads all the elements on mobile sites which are not even required. Too many images and large files from the desktop site hamper the performance of the mobile site. Of course the content matters, but if the page takes too much time to load, it will discourage the customer to visit the site again.

Responsive designs and SEO are not compatible- SEO is an essential element of responsive websites. Google’s recent algorithm update puts the responsive sites higher on search result page because they want to facilitate content to every possible customer, irrespective of the device they are using. RWD enables users to access the websites from all over the world which increases traffic. Google is a customer centric firm and believes in providing customers with good experiences and that is the reason it prefers those sites which are compatible with all the devices of various sizes.

Mobile traffic is increasing  as people started using mobile devices more frequently than a desktop. In present scenario, responsive website is the one stop solution for you, if you don’t want to lose your customers and lag behind from your competitors. Now a days RWD has become a necessity and helps in accessing content which was earlier possible from full size computers only.

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