Top Reasons To Choose Linux Dedicated Server

2015-12-17by Sachin Agarwal

Your online project must be really growing big, isn’t it? The reason behind choosing a dedicated server must be your growing online business.  There are many companies who might offer you dedicated servers and this makes the choice more difficult.

To make the things simple, you can completely rely on Linux dedicated server for your business and other purposes.  The following facts about Linux as the server are sure to make you opt for Linux without even giving a second thought.

Facts about Linux:

 The few facts that make Linux the best choice as your server are:

  • Free:  The software is made available to you completely free. You really do not have a shed a dime for this free and open operating system. It is not going to change in the future and this makes it a better option than any other software. The best part about using Linux is that you really do not need any license to access this software. Thousands of developers are working on its code, making it more useful.

  • Stability: Linux is popular because of its ability to run without any failure in the long run.  Most of the Linux users have claimed that they have never witnessed any crash and this makes it the ultimate option for small as well as medium sized businesses.

    Moreover, Linux is everywhere from the supercomputer to mobile. So how can you stay away from this operating system? Linux is sure to keep you up and serve your clients round the clock.

  • Security: Security is considered as the most important feature of any dedicated server and Linux is renowned for its security feature. This is due to the fact that Linux is based on UNIX and was designed to be a multiuser operating system. The viruses and malware fix in a jiffy as many developers are working simultaneously due to its open source feature.

    Linux users hardly get an access to the “root” and are generally given lower level accounts unlike other operating systems. In technical terms, if the system is compromised, the virus would not get access to the root, and thus keep the things safe and secure. The servers are also secured with IPTables Firewall.

  • Applications: Linux has more applications when compared to other operating systems. Staring from Apache to Zope, MySQL to Python can be used in Linux platform. Applications like PHP, Perl, Ruby, etc. can be easily used on Linux platform. You hardly need any additional software to run your website or upgrade it. It is the most preferred platform for the web developers.

Linux is flexible as well as scalable. It can be used on any computer. The greatest advantage of using Linux as a dedicated server is that you can easily reconfigure it in order to include the services that you need for your business. This is sure to improve the performance and keep the things simple.



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