Linux Vs Windows - What To Choose And Why

2015-10-05by Sachin Agarwal

Server management system mainly means managing the servers that will include the security, control panel, server database and the clients. User accounts and the middle level accounts will also be controlled in the server management.

In every phase of technology, we are required to use data and for the sake of keeping such a data, we will be need of hosting the server and the maintenance that relates to managing of such a server is referred as server management. There are numerous servers and these will be named in accordance to the operating system. The most common among the operating systems are known to be Linux and Windows. There are different kind of linux dedicated servers available to choose from.

Those who host a server need to know that for server management system, it is important to have such a platform that is user friendly and secured. With Linux or Windows, it will be easy for you to get such a platform. Most of the website development companies have been providing with such a service. The below mentioned information will help you to know which one can be the best for you.

Security – The Windows OS is known to be a renowned operating system and this is also known to have great security. However, as it is very familiar these days, it is also known to be vulnerable to the crackers and viruses. In comparison to this, Linux is known to be a virus free platform that provides with great security.

CostWindows OS dedicated server is known to be such a server management that is expensive in nature. License is required to be bought for this purpose and it is known to be valid for fixed time. Whereas Linux is known to be such an operating system that can be bought for free. So if you are thinking about your budget, then it is suggested that you go for such a platform.

Features – Windows is known to be a renowned operating system and this is featured with a strong software. Due to this, it has been made possible for serving the clients as they would wish with such an operating system. Linux is not a disadvantage altogether, but it requires good time for collection of a powerful software. This is why it is preferred to have Windows if you can afford it.

Server management would mainly depend on owner of server. Hence, depending on the usage and the requirement, the best one can be chosen as indicated above. The choice is yours and hence, depending on your requirement, make sure to choose the best dedicated server and operating system that suits your budget and considering the usage. Looking at the advantages and the disadvantages as indicated above, you should be able to conclude on the best operating system that will suit your business.

There could be some amount benefits and some kind of loss when you choose one over the other. So depending on what you need and depending on your business requirement, make sure to choose the best operating system platform for your business always.

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