Trends Emerge In The World Of App Development

2015-05-25by Tristan Anwyn

The app development world is always growing and changing.

As more people turn to apps on their mobile devices, it's only natural that app development should grow and change with the times, too.

From new technology to new ways to use apps, what are some of the trends driving the world of app development today?


More Wearable Tech

 Wearable tech once seemed the province of sci-fi shows, but is now becoming a viable option for consumers.

Take the Apple Watch, for example. Wearers can do so much more than telling the time - their timepiece can now receive messages, track their fitness, and keep schedules and more.

As mobile apps continue to grow, look out for more examples of wearable tech, from the most up to date gadgets for consumers, to productivity-boosting items for use in enterprise.


Mobile Payments on the Up

One exciting development in the world of apps is the growth of mobile payment options.

With the advent of payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, the ability to make payments via an app with no need for a credit or debit card could become more commonplace.

Some brands such as Starbucks have already embraced the potential of mobile payment apps.

Paying with one quick tap or swipe of a mobile device makes purchasing easy and convenient for customers.


The Growth of Enterprise Apps

As the article "5 Trends Driving Mobile App Development Today" points out, an increasing number of developers are making enterprise apps.

As apps grew in popularity, they were seen by businesses as a smart way to connect with consumers on the go, which still holds true. However, businesses are starting to see that apps can be used internally, too.

From apps that map productivity to apps that make life easier for employees who are out and about, expect to see continuing developments in the world of enterprise apps this year.


More Connectivity Between Devices

With consumers owning more than one device, allowing an app to sync across devices is becoming more important than ever.

For example, a smartphone user who is shopping with their favorite brand via the brand's app might also access the store via their tablet.

Having the app synced up to remember them across both devices makes for a smoother and hassle-free experience for the customer, making cross-device connectivity an important trend for the future.


Move Towards in App Advertising


As App developers move away from the paid download model, in app advertising and purchasing are on the up.

With research firm Juniper Research estimating that in app advertising spend will reach $7.1 billion in 2015, the market for in app advertising looks set to keep growing.

As well as displaying ads and offering purchase options, app developers can tap into technology such as geographical targeting to tailor their ads to the location of each user, increasing the relevancy of the ads they see.


Growing Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is yet quite young, offering plenty of potential for app developers to build apps to support the growing IoT.

Government departments, home owners and businesses can all expect to benefit from an increasingly connected IoT.

For example, networked parking solutions can help cities cut down on congestion and parking fines, while home and business owners can benefit from state of the art homes and offices that can be remotely managed via their mobile devices.


The remainder of 2015 looks set to bring plenty of exciting developments in the world of mobile apps, giving mobile device users new and more convenient ways to do everything from paying for their coffee to managing their home security.

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