Achieve Operational Excellence By Measuring The Risk Of Cloud

2015-04-30by Florence Taylor

By focusing on every aspect of your business, whether it is improving collaboration or stringent security, you can achieve the online success.
There are many reasons why companies are diving into the cloud-led solutions and making the most out of their business.

The main business element that plays the vital role in building the rigid architecture for highly dynamic growth:

- Business performance resourcing (computing resources like RAM, CPU power, Disk space)
- Remote Mobility- access from anywhere on the go
- Augmenting business productivity
- Easy and fast deployment
- Information services and assurance
- On-demand IT service delivery
- Business agility (adaptability and simplicity)
- Reduce IT infrastructure costs
- Unlimited storage capacity

There is no single factor that leads companies to adopt this emerging technology. In actual, the decision depends on the intricate combination of reasons. Cloud computing in general terms provides greater agility, but it does not mean that it reduces the cost or provides the better Quality of Service (QoS). Every enterprise has different competencies and that is the reason they require a tailor made service to target their objectives. By focusing on your business requirement and the predictable ongoing demand, you have to examine whether cloud is appropriate in your situation or not. If it is related to your needs, then what kind of cloud service is the best solution?

Building your business ROI through cloud service constitutes the factors like cost, agility and quality in depth.

Here is a rundown of various factors that must be addressed while constructing a cloud solution:

Security, privacy, compliance in terms of data ownership is some of the prevailing things that you need to regulate your business performance.

- High availability in shared environment, legal issues, identity management, corporate policies and complete access are the key metrics that evolve success - Lack of functionality or inflexibility of the resources
- Weakness of the internet connections
- Portability issues arises due to the immaturity of the cloud based products
- Vendor lock-in management, in which SLAs are critical
- Integration with on premise systems, which may be a typical task
- Lack of transparency among the SaaS vendors
- Not so much idea with cloud financial models and licensing

Use of cloud enabled services has completely revamped the shape of IT infrastructure. It can change a company's risk architecture and profile as well. For example, by using public cloud, you can optimize the cost by eliminating the risk of a large investment in IT resources. On the other hand, it can introduce the security risk due to sharing computing resources with unknown parties. It is not known that where the data is stored on the cloud server, so risk of non-compliance can also be happened.

With few risks associated with cloud hosting, it is a far better option than traditional hosting. Now come to the important reasons that represents cloud is an ideal option to achieve high operational excellence.

Agility: Cloud delivers improved agility as you can accomplish your desired requirement of IT resources rapidly. It is an on-demand self-service model that caters you the dynamic solution to meet the instant demand. With cloud, companies can adapt the changing circumstances very efficiently.

Resource Scaling: When it comes to the elasticity, then undoubtedly cloud is the better solution. You can increase and decrease the usage of hardware configuration as per your dynamic needs. In some cases, resource provisioning is possible through programming interfaces. Therefore, the resources can be scaled automatically without intervention of human.

Substitution of OPEX in place of CAPEX: A company with high cost of capital would get benefit from reducing its tax burden by moving from CAPEX to OPEX. Pay as you go archetype of this computing model enables businesses to reduce the high cost involved in the maintenance of data center and IT infrastructure.

In a nutshell, with cloud solutions, you can achieve the operational excellence and become a business pioneer. A cloud server hosting opens the gateway to expand your business with new products and services, and increasing the business productivity in a cost effective manner.

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